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Is This The Beginning Of The Next Silver Rush? - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 22:01

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Far below the Nevada desert, past ancient mine shafts and rock-strewn caverns, there could be a fortune waiting to be made by one small company.

A fortune in silver.

A mine that inspired the silver rush in the 1880s, that was tapped once more in the 1960s, could again prove a boon to miners using the latest technologies to tap unexplored and unexploited mineral deposits.

It could prove to be a great re-discovery in the history of silver mining.

That’s what Montego Resources (CSE:MY; FRA:4MO1), has unlocked in the Taylor Mine & Mill, a high-grade gold and silver project in eastern Nevada, a region which has produced a bounty of silver and gold for more than one hundred years, and through the use of new technologies and new methods could do so once again.

Montego, a $11 million small market cap miner, could be sitting on as much as $1.2 billion in silver, a figure that could climb higher if silver prices rebound.

Here’s five reasons for investors to tap into Montego’s (CSE:MY; FRA:4MO1) new find:

#1: Big Potential Rewards

The veins uncovered at Taylor hold historic measured and indicated reserves of up to 20 million oz. of silver, worth $278 million at current prices. The mine has historically put out five million oz. of silver and already has $27 million invested from past ventures.

With mining, there’s always a lot of uncertainty. Pits are dug, shafts dropped and fingers crossed as miners hope their capital investments pay off with a rich find.

But with Taylor, there’s less need to worry: the mine has a long history of productivity behind it, and with $27 million already invested Montego may be able to invest only limited capital in before seeing a strong return on their investment.

Montego took over the Taylor Mine from Silver Predator Corp. earlier this year by way of option, and with an $11 million cap, this is a small company standing over a potentially big asset. While Taylor had produced silver and gold in ages past, no one knew how big the remaining deposits were before surveys were conducted in 2014.

Now it’s more clear: Montego (CSE:MY; FRA:4MO1) has up to 20 million oz. of measured and indicated silver under its feet, and that estimation could double to 32 million oz. if the company’s plans pay off, rising as high as 75 million oz if everything they hope for comes true.

That would be $1.2 billion in silver at today’s prices, for a $11 million cap company. To put things in perspective: Alexco, a silver exploration company operating in Yukon, has 68 million oz. of silver with a market cap of $179 million. Going off that market cap valuation metric alone, Montego could be worth $44.7 million.

And with so much already invested in the property, Montego doesn’t need to put huge dollars more into Taylor before it starts to pay off.

#2: New Tech to Unlock Old Silver

Mining at Taylor in the past was of the traditional sort: in the 1880s with shovel and pick, and again in the 1960s with truck and dynamite.

But now, new mining methods used by Montego and other area miners could unlock un-tapped veins of silver and gold, delivering rich rewards for a fraction of the cost.

Modern mining utilizes digital mapping of the terrain, images and data collected by drones that can be used to construct 3D models of geologic architecture. Electrical currents run through the ground by sensors more advanced and sensitive than previous technologies, combined with above-ground, gives mineral geologists a clearer picture of what’s under their feet.


Then, it’s time for the robo-drill, a sophisticated and partially automated rig that collects mineral samples for analysis, detailing where the richest veins might be found.

Modern methods are cheaper, with drones capable of surveying immense areas of land in a fraction of the time it used to take surveyors operating from helicopters and spotter planes, and at a fraction of the cost. Technology used to survey underground can do so quicker, and with more reliable results, than in the past.


Miners used to sink pits and hope for the best. Now, companies like Montego can get a clear picture of what’s in store before they even pick up a shovel.

And while the Taylor Mine is primarily a silver find, Montego (CSE:MY; FRA:4MO1) has also decided to exploit the gold discovered in the mix, with 2014 investigations indicating potentially sizable gold deposits along with the immense silver lodes.

With more results coming in and more surveys still to conduct, who knows how much more Montego will find locked away under the Nevada soil.

#3: Managerial Excellence

Montego (CSE:MY; FRA:4MO1) has a leadership team marked with experience, technological savvy and mineral expertise.

Of the company’s three directors, three are experienced geologists well-versed in the twenty-first century methods of mining.

Director Bill Cronk is a professional geologist with more than 25 years in managing exploration projects for precious metals, base metals and uranium. In previous positions he’s worked across the globe for projects in Africa, Europe, North and South America, Alaska and the Canadian Arctic.

Director Chris Pennimpede has more than nine years’ experience in mineral exploration in Canada and the U.S., where he utilized cutting-edge technologies to make rich discoveries in Yukon, Alaska and Nanavut.

Michael Dufresne, the third director, is the president and principal of APEX Geoscience Ltd., and a master of the newest forms of mineral exploration. He’s worked as a consulting geologist for 25 years, and his work has taken him across North America.

These three directors brought their experience and know-how to Kenneth Tollstam and Anthony Jackson, two men who have both had tremendous success in Canadian mining and finance. The opportunity they found at Taylor, which had been previously developed by Silver Predator and was on the market, was too good to pass up.

Combined, the managerial leadership of Montego has raised millions for mining venture across Canada and the United States, while its geological team has made numerous discoveries in base and precious metals.

Suffice to say, the team at Montego should be more than capable of turning the Taylor project into reality, if the economics check out as expected.

#4: Results Imminent

Montego has had several months to cover the Taylor property, utilizing every trick in the miners’ trade book to survey the area. Plus, with millions already sunk into developing the mine by past owners and amid the highly-favorable extractive atmosphere of eastern Nevada, first results on targets from the Taylor property should be imminent.

First, consider the conditions of the mine itself. Taylor has historically produced 5 million oz. of silver. A portion of the open pit silver has been pre-stripped and is now exposed, rendering it highly accessible. Infrastructure has already been built up through the previous $27 million investment.

The mine is located 17 miles south of Ely, Nevada and only 2.5 miles east of US highway 50. That gives Montego excellent access to roads and water sources, which should make it a relatively cheap mine to operate.

The site contains 131 unpatented lodes, 5 unpatented mill sites and 4 patented sites covering 2,166 acres. While the site is expected to yield mostly silver, gold discoveries are expected in the outlying areas.

Since 2013, the site has seen 480 drill holes totaling 92,600 feet of drilling, according to a technical report filed by Silver Predator, who optioned the property to Montego.

Before that, 119 holes were dug between 2006 and 2009 by Golden Predator and Fury Exploration. All that work has shown that significant deposits are likely available 300-700 feet below the surface based on stratigraphy, with soil samples showing strong signs of both silver and gold in areas of the site.

The immense amount of exploration and survey has allowed Montego to construct a detailed model of the entire site, before having to invest any of its own money to dig further holes.

And while Silver Predator was able to determine the site held up to 20 million oz. of silver, exploration by Montego (CSE:MY; FRA:4MO1) is hoped to turn up much higher projections. Thanks to their sophisticated surveying and exploration methods, Montego is hopeful of finding that there could be as much as 32 million oz., or perhaps even 75 million oz. of silver locked away at Taylor, as well as an undetermined amount of gold, if all the stars align.


All told, Montego with its $11 million cap is sitting on mineral resources that could be worth as much as $1.2 billion at today’s prices, if the CEO’s hopes for 75 million oz. of silver are realized.

The mining environmnet in Nevada is highly favorable, to say the least. The state is strongly in favor of allowing mining and political support for ventures like Taylor at the state and local level is strong. The Taylor project is relatively low risk, given how little needs to be invested to determine whether the mine can be viable, and the superb location makes it an attractive venture for additioanl investment.

Nevada, “the Silver State,” is a big mining state, and Montego is sure to benefit from existing and any possible further tax breaks and incentives from the state’s pro-mining government.

The price of silver, which cratered in 2015, could be poised for a rebound. In 2013 when demand was soaring, the price of silver exceeded $30/oz, and currently it fetches about half that, but if prices recover the discoveries at Taylor will be worth even more.

That’s a powerful reason for investors to take a close look at this oppportunity now, before Montego starts delivering results.

#5: We Should Know Soon

The clock is ticking…

With pits dug, drones and tech ready to survey more ground and equpment poised to start drilling, Montego is hoping to begin producing from the Taylor mine sooner rather than later.

The company has years of prior experience to go on, and it’s sitting on top of a mine that has already proven itself a winner more than once. Furthrmore, a lot of the leg-work has already been done. Previous companies sank $27 million into building up Taylor, and now Montego (CSE:MY; FRA:4MO1) has swooped in hoping to deliver on the mine’s sterling promises.

By utilizing the most avanced mining techniques, the managers of Montego will have the best shot at turning Taylor into the biggest silver play in recent Nevada history.

By. Ian Jenkins


Forward-Looking Statements

This news release contains forward-looking information which is subject to a variety of risks and uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual events or results to differ from those projected in the forward-looking statements.  Forward looking statements in this release include that prices for silver will retain value in future as currently expected; that  Montego can fulfill all its obligations to exercise its Nevada property option; that Montego’s Nevada property can achieve drilling and mining success for silver and gold, and greatly increase the measured and indicated resources of silver and gold; that historical geological information and estimations will prove to be accurate; that high-grade targets exist in untested areas below the resource;  that Taylor should be a relatively cheap mine to operate; and that Montego will be able to carry out its business plans. These forward-looking statements are subject to a variety of risks and uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking information.  Risks that could change or prevent these statements from coming to fruition include that the Company may not be able to finance its acquisition of the Taylor mine project or its intended drilling program, aspects or all of the property’s development may not be successful, mining of the silver and gold may not be cost effective, Montego may not raise sufficient funds to carry out its plans, changing costs for mining and processing; increased capital costs; the timing and content of upcoming work programs; geological interpretations and technological results based on current data that may change with more detailed information or testing; potential process methods and mineral recoveries assumptions based on limited test work with further test work may not be viable; the availability of  labour, equipment and markets for the products produced; and despite the current expected viability of its projects, that the minerals cannot be economically mined on its properties, or that the required permits to build and operate the envisaged mines cannot be obtained. The forward-looking information contained herein is given as of the date hereof and the Company assumes no responsibility to update or revise such information to reflect new events or circumstances, except as required by law.


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Legends | The Perfect Gun That’s Fit For A Prince

America's First Freedom - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 21:00
The Feinwerkbau Omega 124 shown here is air gun royalty.

‘Chinese Superman’ dies trying to do pull-ups on a 62-story skyscraper

The Blaze - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 20:17

A 26-year-old man fell to his death in China while doing pull-ups on a 62-story skyscraper.

Wu Yongning, also known as the “Chinese Superman,” learned the hard way that he could not fly when he slipped off the side of a building when he failed to climb back up after completing three pull-ups on ledge.

Why would anyone be doing pull-ups on a skyscraper? Wu was trying to win a $15,000 prize in a rooftopping challenge, allegedly to pay for a wedding and medical expenses for his mother.

“He planned to propose to his girlfriend [the day after the challenge],” said his step-uncle, FengShengliang according to the South China Morning Post. “He needed the money for the wedding, and for medical treatment for his ailing mother.”

Rooftopping is the act of accessing rooftops to take skyline photography, according to The Guardian. People have done it for decades, but it has reportedly gained popularity in recent years, perhaps due to the advances in mobile photography technology.

Wu died last month, but his death was just confirmed last week when his girlfriend posted about it on social media. Some had noticed the abrupt end of his online video series, not knowing yet that he had perished.

Wu posted many videos of himself doing stunts similar to the one that cost him his life, sometimes holding a selfie stick to document the dizzying danger of his tricks.

He had more than 1 million followers on Chinese social media. He had previously worked as a film extra before devoting himself to rooftopping full time.

The video of the failed final stunt is circulating online.

The Left Is Trying To Use The #MeToo Movement As A Weapon To Destroy Donald Trump

The Economic Collapse Blog - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 19:55

The left is willing to use any means necessary to get rid of Donald Trump, and so it should be no surprise that they are now using the #metoo movement as a weapon in their crusade against him.  Personally, I have been a big fan of the #metoo movement, and I have been thrilled to see so many sexual predators exposed in recent months.  I applauded the exposure of Hollywood giants such as Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, and I believe that the resignations of Al Franken and John Conyers will be followed by many others as the truth about what has been happening on Capitol Hill continues to come out.

But we need to be very careful, because this kind of a thing can become a feeding frenzy, and in this type of environment it can be way too easy for false accusers to seem like they are telling the truth.

Every claim of sexual misconduct should be taken extremely seriously, and we should also never jump to conclusions.  A single false allegation can permanently ruin someone’s life, and those that are wealthy or famous are easy targets.

On Monday, Megyn Kelly interviewed three women that had formerly made allegations against President Trump.  The following comes from CNN

On Monday morning, a trio of women — Rachel Crooks, Samantha Holvey and Jessica Leeds — went on Megyn Kelly’s NBC show to reiterate allegations of sexual misconduct against President Donald Trump that they first aired during the 2016 presidential campaign.

“We’re private citizens and for us to put ourselves out there to try to show America who this man is and especially how he views women and for them to say, we don’t care … it hurt,” Holvey told Kelly about how the allegations against Trump were handled during the 2016 campaign. “It’s just like, all right, let’s try round two. The environment’s different. Let’s try again.”

Millions of Americans are going to assume that since three women are all making allegations against Trump that they must be true.

But we already knew that the story that Jessica Leeds is telling is not accurate.  It turns out that there is an eyewitness that was sitting directly across the aisle from Leeds and Trump on the plane ride where the misconduct allegedly took place, and he says that it never happened.

The eyewitness is a British man named Anthony Gilberthorpe, and according to People magazine, he says that Trump didn’t do any of the things that Leeds is claiming…

“I have only met this accuser once and frankly cannot imagine why she is seeking to make out that Trump made sexual advances on her. Not only did he not do so (and I was present at all times) but it was she that was the one being flirtatious,”claimed Gilberthorpe, who is British.

And during an extended interview with Breitbart, Gilberthorpe gave an account of the flight from beginning to end…

“It was back in the days. I’d only visited America one time previous to that. I’m not familiar, as I’m sure with respect to a lot of American listeners tonight wouldn’t be familiar with a lot of our British businessmen,” he explained. “But he was nice. We were talking, we were laughing, he was reading, I was reading, et cetera. She came on, and she hogged the limelight. She wanted to talk to him in a most animated, exaggerated way. About 45 minutes after she had taken her seat and we had taken off, he went to use the toilet.”

Gilberthorpe said that during Trump’s absence, Leeds told him who his fellow passenger was, excitedly explaining that he was “one of the richest men in the world.”

“And her quote, not mine: ‘Oh, I can’t believe that I’m sitting next to him. I can’t believe it! This is the man I want to marry!’ Okay, it was all said in jest and joke, but she was so excited about having the chance, the opportunity, of sitting next to this man. I attempted to talk over to Trump, but she wasn’t really having much of it. I was talking to her, to him, for the remaining two-and-a-half hours of the journey. We landed in New York. Having landed, he politely said, ‘Goodbye,’ shook my hand, and shook hers. He didn’t kiss her, didn’t kiss her. And she and I left the plane together. She and I exchanged kisses. I went for my luggage. She did not go for her luggage. That’s another marker I’m putting down tonight,” he said.

After examining the evidence, I have come to the conclusion that Leeds is simply lying.  And that is a horrible thing to do, because she is discrediting the entire #metoo movement.

But the fact that Leeds is not telling the truth is not stopping Democratic lawmakers from using these allegations to hammer President Trump.  In fact, on Monday Senator Kirsten Gillibrand called for Trump to resign.

But that isn’t going to happen, and the White House is fighting back hard against these false allegations

The White House released a fresh statement early Monday decrying the “false” claims of the women at the press conference.

“These false claims, totally disputed in most cases by eyewitness accounts, were addressed at length during last year’s campaign, and the American people voiced their judgment by delivering a decisive victory,” a White House spokesperson said in a statement. “The timing and absurdity of these false claims speaks volumes and the publicity tour that has begun only further confirms the political motives behind them.”

It is funny how the mainstream media never even wanted to address the very serious allegations of sexual misconduct against Bill and Hillary Clinton that kept arising, and yet anyone with any sort of a claim against Trump gets front page coverage.

Once again, every single allegation of sexual misconduct needs to be taken extremely seriously, and when there is a contested claim it is absolutely imperative that we take the time to figure out who is telling the truth and who is lying.

In our legal system, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and we should apply the same approach in the court of public opinion as well.

Michael Snyder is a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, and you can learn how you can get involved in the campaign on his official website. His new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on

‘I will kill everyone on this f—ing plane’: Woman comes unhinged when she can’t smoke on flight

The Blaze - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 18:47

A woman on a Southwest Airlines flight from Portland to Sacramento would have killed for the chance to smoke a cigarette Saturday.

At least, that’s what she said.

Valerie Curbelo was arrested and charged with the felony of making a death threat after coming unhinged when flight attendants prevented her from smoking.

Curbelo attempted to smoke in the bathroom of the plane during the flight, even tampering with the smoke detector hoping to conceal her action.

A flight attendant broke discovered what she was doing and broke into the bathroom, getting her out. That’s when things got ugly.

Curbelo had to be physically forced back to her seat, and in her struggle she ripped an oxygen mask off the ceiling as she berated anyone within range.

“I have a destination for myself!” Curbelo yelled. “I swear, if you don’t … land, I will f—ing kill everybody on this f—ing plane!”

It took a group effort of passengers and plane crew to restrain the woman for the next 30 minutes until it landed, on schedule, in Sacramento.

When asked by a CBS 13 reporter (while in jail) what happened, Curbelo said she tried to smoke because of “the anxiety.”

But why did she threaten to kill people?

“I don’t know, Curbelo said. “It was not me. It was not me.”

Trump saved him from Chinese prison, now star basketball player is leaving the country

The Blaze - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 18:35

Suspended UCLA men’s basketball player LiAngelo Ball is going to play in Lithuania after a very public feud between his father Lavar Ball and the president over his role in saving his son and two other players from imprisonment in China.

Where is Lithuania?

The country of Lithuania is located  on the coast of the Baltic Sea, wedged between Latvia to the North, Poland to the South, and Belarus to the East.

LiAngelo and his brother LaMelo Ball have signed to play with the Lithuanian team Vytautas Prienai for the rest of the season, according to their agent Harrison Gaines.

Why was Trump angry at Lavar Ball?

Trump said that the family was ungrateful for his role in saving their son and two other UCLA players after they were accused of shoplifting while visiting China.

“Now that the three basketball players are out of China and saved from years in jail, LaVar Ball, the father of LiAngelo, is unaccepting of what I did for his son and that shoplifting is no big deal,” Trump tweeted.

“I should have left them in jail!” he added.

Lavar Ball later pulled pulled his son out of UCLA, saying that the suspension was too harsh.

“You shouldn’t hang them on the cross for this long for that,” he said. “A kid wants to play basketball all his life. You take that away, that’s worse than jail. Why should we as parents and adults keep jumping on them? It’s not like we’re going through life without making mistakes.”

Jurassic World Trailer Drops. Time to Arm the Dinosaurs with Machine Guns!

The Truth About Guns - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 18:00

In the trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom below, dinosaurs menace humans. Specifically, Chris Pratt, a babe and some other guy. SPOILER ALERT: both men and beast are menaced by a volcano. (That’ll learn ’em.) I’m with‘s Scott Wampler: it’s time to stop the chase scenes and weaponize the damn dinosaurs. Here’s his open […]

The post Jurassic World Trailer Drops. Time to Arm the Dinosaurs with Machine Guns! appeared first on The Truth About Guns.

Trump’s attempt to ban transgender military service takes another hit

The Blaze - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 17:55

Transgender recruits will be accepted into the military starting on New Year’s Day after a federal judge dismissed the Trump administration’s claims that such recruits could hurt military readiness, according to The Washington Post.

The Trump administration had been seeking to delay the order to accept transgender recruits past Jan. 1, but the judge was not convinced that was necessary.

Last month, a judge in Baltimore issued a preliminary injunction that prevents the the Trump administration from denying funding for sex reassignment surgery.

‘The Court is not persuaded’

“The Court is not persuaded that Defendants will be irreparably injured by” the Jan. 1 deadline, U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly wrote.

Kollar-Kotelly said the administration’s claims that allowing transgender people into the military would cause significant harm were based on vague evidence, and cited the fact that the military has been preparing for those individuals for more than a year.

The ban on transgender military personnel was lifted in June 2016 by the Barack Obama administration.

Lacking a sense of urgency

The judge also noted that, while the Trump administration has claimed that this is an urgent matter, they have not behaved accordingly. They waited three weeks to appeal the first block of the ban, and did not file the motion to stay the Jan. 1 deadline until last week.

“The Court notes that Defendants’ portrayal of their situation as an emergency is belie by their litigation tactics,” Kollar-Kotelly wrote.

The Pentagon said in a statement that it will comply with the judge’s order, but still will pursue an appeal requesting the ability to complete an “ongoing policy review scheduled to be completed before the end of March.”

How we got here

President Donald Trump introduced a ban on transgender military service in July via Twitter, but the ban has since been hindered by a series of legal roadblocks.

Military pimp allowed to be a foster parent because the Army didn’t report a conviction

The Blaze - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 17:35

When military branches don’t submit criminal convictions to the FBI, it impacts more than just gun purchases.

In the case of former U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Gregory McQueen, a man who two years ago pleaded guilty to pimping out female soldiers to higher-ranking officers in a prostitution ring at Fort Hood was allowed to be a foster parent in Texas.

Failure to report convictions

The Army failed to submit McQueen’s criminal record to the FBI database used for background checks. While it showed up in the database used by gun dealers, it didn’t show up in the one used by licensing agencies.

News reports of the charges can be found online dating back to 2014, such as this one:

McQueen and his wife were allowed to serve as foster parents for Lighthouse Family Network of Salado for three months before they were delisted once the contractor found out about the convictions.

McQueen’s crimes

McQueen faced 40 years in prison before accepting a plea deal for charges including pandering, conspiracy to solicit prostitution and mistreatment of a subordinate. He was dishonorably discharged and sentenced to 24 months in prison.

Court documents show he was accused of recruiting female soldiers with financial problems to have sex with higher-ranking officers, telling them they could make “easy money” by providing “tension relief.”

What the Army said

An Army spokesman admitted the error and said they were working on solutions.

“We not only acknowledge this error, but, more importantly, are taking corrective action to ensure we fully share information with appropriate law enforcement agencies,” spokesman Michael Brady said.

A serious problem

It was a similar lapse in data reporting by the Air Force that allowed Devin Kelley to purchase a gun before shooting and killing 26 people in Sutherland Springs, Texas in November.

“Background checks are important tools to help screen for potential issues,” said Christine Mann, a spokeswoman for Texas Health and Human Services. “When it comes to vetting potential foster parents, it’s in everyone’s best interest to make sure that criminal databases contain the most complete, accurate and up-to-date information.”

(H/T The Dallas Morning News)

Alabama-born Condoleeza Rice weighs in on Roy Moore election – here’s what she said

The Blaze - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 17:20

Former U.S. Secretary of State and Alabama native Condoleeza Rice weighed in on the controversial election for the U.S. Senate seat for the state in an statement published at Monday. 

Did she endorse a candidate?

No, not literally.

Rice went on at length to encourage Alabama voters to stay true to their principles and values, but she did not make clear which candidate she believes upholds those standards.

“This week’s special election will be one of the most significant in Alabama’s history. As a native daughter, I remain — at heart — an Alabaman who loves our state and its devotion to faith, family, and country,” Rice said in a statement. 

“I know that Alabamans need an independent voice in Washington,” she continued. “But we must also insist that our representatives are dignified, decent, and respectful of the values we hold dear.”

“I encourage you to take a stand for our core principles and for what is right,” she added. “These critical times require us to come together to reject bigotry, sexism, and intolerance.”

“Please exercise your right to vote,” Rice concluded, “a privilege won by the sacrifices of our ancestors. Sustain the central ideals and values that make our country a beacon for freedom and justice for the sake of Alabama and for the good of the United States of America.”

Last minute rally

Rice’s statement comes at the end of the campaign as voters took to the polls Monday evening and the election will be decided Tuesday. President Trump encouraged voters for Moore just across the Alabama border in Florida.

A Fox News poll has Moore’s Democratic challenger Doug Jones above the Republican by ten points, but this is an outlier – other polls show the election to be much closer, with many having Moore a few points above the Democrat.

New From Comp-Tac Introduces a Wheel Chair Holster

The Truth About Guns - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 17:00

Think how hard it is to access a firearm when you’re seated in your car. Now imagine you’re confined to a wheelchair. Comp-Tac Victory Gear has just the thing for those whose mobility is restricted, yet still want the ability to adequately defend themselves. Their new wheelchair holster which accommodates dozens of makes of handguns and […]

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Netflix’s year-end report reveals some insane streaming habits by users

The Blaze - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 16:35

Netflix released its year-end report Monday, and it revealed some…concerning streaming habits by users.

The most unbelievable tidbit to come out of the report is that one user streamed “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” every day for a year.

365 days in a row.

For comparison, the average Netflix member watched approximately 60 movies over the past year.

A user in the United Kingdom had a similar streak of insane movie watching, having streamed “Bee Movie” 357 times in 2017.

It’s unclear whether people are doing that on purpose to troll Netflix for digging into users’ personal viewing habits (which some on Twitter found unsettling), or whether people are actually watching the same movie more than 300 times per year.

The streaming service poked fun at a group of users who have been watching a Netflix Original Christmas every day for nearly three weeks now:

Which users found funny and invasive at the same time:


Some other interesting revelations:

  • Someone is watching Netflix in Antartica, and their show of choice is “Shameless.”
  • Mexico had the most members who logged in to stream content on Netflix every single day.
  • Overall, Netflix members watched more than 140 million hours per day, with the most popular day being Jan. 1.

The full report can be viewed here, which includes rankings for some of the most popular Netflix Original shows.

Another government official linked to Fusion GPS and the ‘Trump dossier’

The Blaze - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 16:20

Another link has been discovered between a senior government official and Fusion GPS, the political organization that paid for the “Trump dossier” to be produced, fueling accusations of a “deep state” biased against Trump and devoted to defeated his policies.

What is this new link?

According to Fox News the wife of a senior Justice Department official worked for Fusion GPS during the 2016 election. That same DOJ official, Bruce G. Ohr, was demoted over his own links to those behind the opposition research group.

Nellie H. Ohr was confirmed by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) to have worked at Fusion GPS, the same group that was hired by the Clinton campaign, and produced the infamous “Trump dossier.”

Why does this matter?

Allies of President Trump have theorized that the Trump dossier was created in order to provide a pretense for the Obama administration to call for Trump officials to be “unmasked” from intelligence information gathered by our agencies. Such an action would be highly unethical and likely criminal, but these accusations have not yet been proven.

“The House Intelligence Committee,” Chairman Devin Nunes, (R-Calif.) said in a statement, “is looking into all facets of the connections between the Department of Justice and Fusion GPS, including Mr. Ohr.”

Ohr was demoted from a senior office after Fox News reported about his controversial links to the “Trump dossier.”

Mr. Ohr held the rank of associate deputy attorney general, a post that gave him an office four doors down from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. The day before Fox News reported that Mr. Ohr held his secret meetings last year with the founder of Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, and with Christopher Steele, the former British spy who compiled the dossier, the Justice Department stripped Ohr of his deputy title and ousted him from his fourth floor office at the building that DOJ insiders call “Main Justice.”

Here’s a Fox News report on Bruce Ohr and his demotion:

Why National Reciprocity Would Be the Biggest Boon to US Gun Rights in History

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There are currently an estimated 15 million concealed carry permit holders in the United States. You wouldn’t think that the potential passage of national reciprocity, affecting less than 5% of Americans, would generate so much noisy opposition. But there’s one very good reason the forces of civilian disarmament are so violently opposed to the specter […]

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New Yorker reporter who recorded vulgar Scaramucci rant fired for sexual misconduct

The Blaze - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 15:35

The New Yorker fired Ryan Lizza, the reporter who recorded an infamous vulgar rant from Anthony Scaramucci, for “improper sexual conduct” Monday.

The New Yorker’s statement

The magazine released a brief statement on the matter.

“The New Yorker recently learned that Ryan Lizza engaged in what we believe was improper sexual conduct,” the statement read. “We have reviewed the matter and, as a result, have severed ties with Lizza. Due to a request for privacy, we are not commenting further.”

Lizza denies wrongdoing

Lizza responded to his termination Monday afternoon with a statement:

“I am dismayed that The New Yorker has decided to characterize a respectful relationship with a woman I dated as somehow inappropriate,” Lizza said in the statement. “The New Yorker was unable to cite any company policy that was violated. I am sorry to my friends, workplace colleagues, and loved ones for any embarrassment this episode may cause. I love The New Yorker, my home for the last decade, and I have the highest regard for the people who work there. But this decision, which was made hastily and without a full investigation of relevant facts, was a terrible mistake.”

Taken off the air

Lizza was a political reporter for The New Yorker, and had been the Washington correspondent since 2007, and also a regular contributor to CNN, which has suspended his appearances while this issue is investigated.

He has been relatively absent from Twitter over the last few weeks, which was noticeable because he normally posted on the site multiple times per day.

Scaramucci controversy

Lizza was the source of a White House controversy in July when he recorded and released a conversation with then-White House Communications Director Scaramucci, during which Scaramucci spoke harshly about former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

Scaramucci called Priebus a “——ing paranoid schizophrenic” and used a vulgar euphemism to demean Bannon for his pursuit of media attention.

Scaramucci claimed he believed the conversation with Lizza to be off-the-record.

“Legally, it may have been on the record, but the spirit of it was off,” Scaramucci told HuffPost. “And he knew that.”

He was fired after a week and a half as communications director.

(H/T Politico)

Sarah Huckabee Sanders berates Jim Acosta in fight over ‘fake news’ media

The Blaze - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 15:15

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders got into a very combative exchange with CNN’s Jim Acosta over whether the media intentionally misleads the American public when reporting on the Trump administration.

Here’s the entire exchange:

Here’s a transcript of part their exchange:

“Look, the president is simply calling out a very direct and false accusation lodged against him,” Sanders said, responding to a question about President Trump’s weekend Twitter habits. “There was nothing more than an individual trying to put their bias into their reporting. And something that frankly, has gotten a little bit out of control, we’ve seen it time and time again.”

She referred to this tweet from the president:

“Over the last couple of weeks a number of outlets have had to retract and change and rewrite and make editor’s notes to a number of different stories, some of them with major impact, including moving markets,” she continued, apparently responding to the ABC News story that tanked the stock market but was later “corrected.”

“This is a big problem and we think it’s something that should be taken seriously,” she concluded.

When she was pressed on whether Trump took Russian misinformation as seriously as he does the “fake news” from American media, she answered, “We would take misinformation like that very seriously, but it’s not something we’re comparing the two on.”

Acosta jumps into the debate

“I would just say Sarah,” Acosta said, jumping into the conversation, “that journalists make honest mistakes and that doesn’t make them fake news, but the question that I have-“

“But when journalists make honest mistakes they should own up to them,” she said, interrupting Acosta. Many journalists shouted that they did own up to mistakes. “Sometimes, and a lot of times you don’t,” she replied.

“I’m sorry, I’m not finished, there’s a very big difference between making honest mistakes and purposely misleading the American people,” Sanders added. “Something that happens regularly.”

Huckabee Sanders berates the media for their bias

“You cannot say that it’s an honest mistake when you’re purposely putting out information that you know to be false,” she continued, “or when you’re taking information that hasn’t been validated that hasn’t been offered any credibility and that has been continually denied by a number of people including people with direct knowledge of an instance.”

When asked to give an example of the media purposely misleading the public, Sanders cited the same ABC report by Brian Ross, where Mike Flynn was said to have told the FBI that Trump asked him to contact the Russians before the elections.

“I think that was pretty misleading to the American people and I think that it’s very telling that that individual had to be suspended because of that reporting, I think that shows that the network took it seriously and recognized that it was a problem.”

Sanders then refused to take another question from Acosta, who continued to ask his query before she moved on to another journalist.

Brian Ross was suspended over the false report that ABC News said didn’t follow their journalistic standards. He was also later banned at ABC News from reporting on stories involving Trump, fueling accusations from critics that the mainstream media has a left-wing bias.

California Online Ammo Sales Up by Triple Digits Ahead of “Face-to-Face” Sales Regs

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California voters recently ratified Proposition 63. That particular piece of unconstitutionality requires all Golden State ammo sales be conducted face-to-face, via a licensed ammo vendor. Come January, California customers ordering ammo online will have to pick-up their order at a licensed vendor and pay a $25 transfer fee. How great is that? So great that […]

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A North Korean EMP Attack Can Create 90+ Fukushimas in the U.S. - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 15:00


First, a salute to All News Pipeline, where Stefan Stanford and Susan Duclos have been continuously releasing letters written by Dr. Peter V. Pry, the foremost American expert on the EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) threat against the U.S. Please visit All News Pipeline and read the latest two articles by Dr. Pry regarding North Korea’s definitive nuclear threat to the U.S., a threat the Mainstream Media (MSM) are either ignoring or downplaying: the former due to narcissistic arrogance, and the latter – a treasonous obfuscation of the facts.

Here are the articles’ titles, so that you can refer to them:

  1. North Korea could win the Nuclear War! This is how one North Korean Nuclear-Armed Satellite Could Cripple the US Military and Lead to TEOTWAWKI, December 8, 2017.
  2. The Rules of the Game Have Changed! America’s Total Vulnerability to this Existential Threat Shows How Fake News Could Help Turn America into a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland, December 9, 2017.

These articles are replete with useful information and diagrams showing the orbital trajectory of the North Korean satellites that pass over the continental U.S. daily, and multiple times apiece. The first article explains how the North Koreans can win a nuclear war with the United States by striking first with an EMP: it goes into detail about how such a strike would negate our infrastructure and response. The second article gives information about the history of EMP tests over the past decades, and the media complicity in covering up the threats posed by several nations.

There is another thing besides Dr. Pry’s warnings that needs to be taken into consideration, and that is America’s Nuclear Power Plants and supplies of spent fuel rods. Here is a photo of the Nuclear Power Plants across the United States:


As can be seen, the heaviest concentration of those reactors is on the East Coast, followed by the South and Midwest.  This next photo shows the locations of spent fuel rod storage as well as reactors not currently operating:


Here is the problem, in a nutshell: cooling, both for the active power plants, and the inactive plants with spent-rod storage.

Without adequate water exchange, a reactor can blow up and the spent rods can explode as well. We have documented information about the effects of nuclear tests and EMP effects, such as Starfish Prime, and the tests conducted by the USSR with the results easily pulled up online. Those tests were more than 50 years ago, and the technology now exists that can deliver an EMP strike with a weapon in the range of 5 kilotons: a one-megaton explosion is no longer necessary. Miniaturization has also made these modern EMP weapons more easily deliverable.

North Korea has the capability to deliver a miniaturized, low-yield EMP weapon: Dr. Pry and the EMP Commission have demonstrated this over the years, and they warned about the threat to the U.S. for decades, with those warnings going unheeded.

This type of meltdown has already happened: with Fukushima. Look at this picture here:


Source: Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Status by HAKEN

Yes, it has happened at one reactor in Japan. Imagine all the reactors in the United States having that “problem,” and simultaneously. Read what it states in the diagram: “Workers at the plant have been having trouble maintaining water levels in these pools…”

When the EMP strike occurs, how will the generators (main line and backup) operate to pump the water into the reactors to cool them? Because of the way rods are configured, the spent ones are usually cooled in the same facility that is active. This excerpt comes out of Wikipedia, under “Spent Fuel Pool,” and bears reading:

“The fuel pool water is continuously cooled to remove the heat produced by the spent fuel assemblies. Pumps circulate water from the spent fuel pool to heat exchangers, then back to the spent fuel pool. The water temperature in normal operating conditions is held below 50 °C (120 °F).[2] Radiolysis, the dissociation of molecules by radiation, is of particular concern in wet storage, as water may be split by residual radiation and hydrogen gas may accumulate increasing the risk of explosions. For this reason the air in the room of the pools, as well as the water, must be continually monitored and treated.”

So, the “fuel pool water is continuously cooled…” but it requires electricity to do it, as well as a generator and water pump circulation system that work. In addition, wet storage materials must be treated to prevent a conventional explosion via hydrogen gas. The entire system is not shielded from an EMP weapon.

We just touched on one area: Nuclear power facilities and spent fuel rods. The entire infrastructure of the United States…the power grid, the shipping and transportation, the financial networks, and everyone’s daily “treadmills” would cease in the blink of an eye with an EMP attack. Naysayers have spent more time and energy discounting the threat than it would take to prepare from it.  As individuals, if you have not taken steps to safeguard yourselves and your families at this point, you’re “long in the tooth” and need to reevaluate your stance.  The odds aren’t looking great, and it’s better to trust in yourselves and your own research and efforts than a whole bunch of politicians, media lackeys, and business magnates who have their measures in place…whether there is a bumper “4th quarter” in sales or not.

The next world war will begin with an EMP strike against the United States, followed by a nuclear exchange and then a war with conventional forces.

White House says Trump immigration policies could have thwarted New York attack

The Blaze - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 14:55

The White House on Monday announced that if President Donald Trump’s immigration policies against chain migration had been enacted, Monday’s attack at the New York City Port Authority could have been avoided.

What’s the background?

Law enforcement identified 27-year-old Akayed Ullah, a Brooklyn resident of Bangladeshi descent, as the suspect in the incident.

Ullah partially detonated an improvised explosive device underground near a Port Authority bus terminal.

Four were injured in the incident, including Ullah, who was treated for lacerations and burns.

What did the White House say?

During a press briefing on Monday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders addressed the attack and offered the White House’s stance on what could have prevented the incident:

The president is certainly concerned that Congress, particularly Democrats, have failed to take action in some places where we feel we could have prevented this. Specifically, the president’s policy has called for an end to chain migration, and if that had been in place that would have prevented this individual from coming to the United States. So the president is aggressively gonna continue to push forth responsible immigration reform, and ending chain migration would certainly be a part of that process.

What is chain migration anyway?

Chain migration is a practice by which related foreign nationals from the same regions cyclically migrate to the U.S.

After one immigrant is admitted entry to the U.S., he or she sponsors relatives from their home country to continue the process and migrate to the U.S. That immigrant in turn sponsors more relatives to migrate to the U.S.

Current U.S. policy — which allows chain migration — can increase immigration numbers quickly.

Is there more?

Sanders later cited information from the Department of Homeland Security, which noted that Ullah — who possessed a F-43 family immigrant visa — was allowed into the U.S. in 2011.

“We know that the president’s policy calls for an end to chain migration, which is what this individual came to the United States through, and if his policy had been in place, then that attacker would not have been allowed to come in the country,” Sanders explained.

“That’s why the president has pushed for not one part of immigration policy but a responsible and total immigration reform,” she said. “And that’s why we have to look at all sectors and do what we can to make sure we’re doing everything we can within our power to protect the American people.”

Dane Wigington: ‘CA Firestorms Are Geo-engineered Catastrophes’ - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 14:45


A leading expert on global climate engineering is blaming the elites who engineer the weather for the firestorms ravaging California.  Dane Wigington says that these massive fires are nothing less than geoengineered catastrophes, and he has the evidence to back up claims.

These catastrophes, which are not only cutting off precipitation from the west coast and destroying the ozone layer globally, are creating harmful particulates from the fallout of these fires.  The particulates create an incendiary dust that coats foliage and structures. This makes food production exceptionally difficult for those in California. According to Geoengineering Watch, many have been falsely led to believe that last winter’s rain in California erased and eliminated the drought; this could not be further from the truth. Last summer was the hottest and driest on record in countless locations of the western US. The following quote is from the Los Angeles fire department chief:

“Brush burning index is 296. This is the highest number I’ve ever seen in my career. The threshold for this rating is 165. Monday I said that to the Mayor, this is the highest rating I’d ever seen.”

In the video, Wigington can be heard telling one of the primary reasons why the elites continue to engineer the weather even though the consequences are disastrous. “One of the primary objectives has been and is the temporary cooling off of some regions at the expense of creating often record high temperatures in other regions,” says Wigington in the video above. They are temporarily creating a “cool dense layer of air that reduces Earth’s surface temperature.  The result is rapidly worsening extreme weather whiplash scenarios.”

The climate engineers will continue to use patented chemical ice nucleation processes to fuel ever more extreme weather whiplash scenarios. The climate engineers are manufacturing the illusion of winter in some regions while overall global temperatures continue to soar toward a runaway scenario. –Geoengineering

“This is the biggest cover-up in human history, with the largest most extensive operation in history, with the cooperation of governments around the globe.  That is not speculation,” Wigington said during an interview with Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog. “The biosystems of Earth are imploding and 20 million could starve to death in the coming months,” he said.

“At what cost to the planet and the web of life does this manipulation come?” asks Wigington


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