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New from Phoenix Weaponry: Integrally Suppressed 338-06 Rifle

The Truth About Guns - Mon, 02/19/2018 - 15:00

I’ve got a integrally suppressed rifle wielding monkey on my back. If I wasn’t rushing around like a blue arsed fly (British expression), I’d have one by now. Because a rifle is not a porn penis; at some point too long is too long. An integrally suppressed rifle keeps both the noise and the muzzle […]

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Winchester Super Suppressed Ammunition

The Firearm Blog - Mon, 02/19/2018 - 15:00

Winchester’s new line of ammo is expressly designed for use in silencers. It uses subsonic projectiles and is designed to leave less carbon and lead residue in your silencer. A very special thanks to BROWNELL’S – check out their new Retro line here: Many THANKS to: Proxibid: Shop For Home Defense Pistols Online Here […]

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Watch: CNN host asks John Podesta an embarrassing question about the Clinton campaign

The Blaze - Mon, 02/19/2018 - 14:43

Former Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta was asked an embarrassing question about the accusations that Russian interference helped tip the 2016 election to elect President Trump over his opponent.

Here’s the video of Podesta’s appearance:

Here’s what he said

CNN host Nancy Cords interviewed Podesta about the recent indictments from special counsel Mueller’s investigation into Russian election intervention and alleged collusion.

“How is it that these Russian operatives knew to focus on purple states like Michigan and Wisconsin and your campaign didn’t?” she asked.

“Well, Of course we spent a lot of time and energy and effort in all those states,” Podesta responded.

“Hillary Clinton herself did not spend much time in those states,” Cordes objected.

“You know we had Tim Kaine was there, [former President] Barack Obama was in,” he explained, “and she spent enormous time in Pennsylvania initially. And we spent a lot of effort, we had more staff in Wisconsin than even President Obama had in 2012.”

“But I think that begs the question,” he continued. “I think we focused on places we thought were, that were in contest, and at the end of the day we fell short in those states and I think that this active measures effort by the Russians could have tilted the election in Donald Trump’s favor.”

“But I think what the real issue is how he has reacted to it,” he claimed. “And in that context, if this is information warfare then I think he’s the first draft-dodger in the war.”

“He has done nothing but tried to undermine the Mueller investigation,” Podesta charged, “he hasn’t implemented the sanctions that were passed by the Congress and that he signed in reaction to the activities in the 2016 election. We learned this week, he’s ordered no effort to try to get the intelligence community to get together to try to prevent further activities in the 2018 election.”

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said that there were no charges of Russian collusion in the indictments released against 13 persons who were involved in the Russian interference in the U.S. election. Some have pointed out that this doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be future charges by Mueller on that account.

Kansas Republican Party passes resolution to oppose ‘all efforts to validate transgender identity’

The Blaze - Mon, 02/19/2018 - 14:12

A resolution opposing “all efforts to validate transgender identity” was approved by the Kansas Republican Party at its state convention over the weekend, the Wichita Eagle reported.

What happened?

The resolution, which passed based on a voice vote, affirmed “God’s design for gender as determined by biological sex and not by self-perception.” It also opposes efforts to surgically or hormonally alter a person’s body to align with their “perceived gender identity.”

The party’s state committee also recognized the dignity of those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender.

Delegates from each of the congressional districts, along with elected officials and leaders of groups associated with the Republican Party make up the committee of about 180 members.

Eric Teetsel, a member of the committee and president of the Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, proposed the resolution.

“Ultimately, we are motivated by love. It is concern for the well-being of others that drives us to seek out what is true and not just for society, but for them personally,” Teetsel told the Eagle.

“And ultimately, an ideology that says you can determine your own gender identity is broken and it’s going to lead to a lot of pain, and that’s why it’s important to bring us back to what we know to be true and good,” he added.

The party’s platform, which opposes same-sex marriage said, “Our children’s future is best preserved within the traditional understanding of marriage.”

“You go back to what does the Republican Party stand for? And I think the committee felt that it aligned with our platform and so, they supported it,” Kansas Republican Party Chairman Kelly Arnold said.

What do opponents say?

Equality Kansas told the Eagle it was “incredibly disappointed” that Kansas Republicans had promoted “such an undignified and crass assault.”

Paige Hungate, student body president at Wichita State University, said she feared the resolution would polarize the party.

“To me, it is not a pressing issue for us to state that we believe in only two genders,” Hungate said. “This hurts us more than it helps us; this makes us seem less willing to accept individuals into the party who may not identify with that stance.”

China: Testing Ground for U.S. Surveillance - Mon, 02/19/2018 - 14:00

There is little doubt for most of us that the recent shootings in Florida were not merely a “spontaneous, random event,” precipitated by one individual. At the very least, if Cruz (the alleged shooter) was a “lone wolf,” then the Deep State and those who back it in the Congress are going to exploit it. They will not allow such a crisis to go to waste. Now a new “crusade” is forming by the Statists for gun control.

They know: once they control the guns, the gulags can follow.

Indeed, the Democrats have just announced they will submit “reforms” totaling more than 100 pages on gun control. It has been announced that all 49 Democrats of the Senate will be in lock step with this one. Is McCain counted among that number? Taking the guns away from the citizens is just one part of the equation. The other part (equally as sinister) is the ubiquitous state of surveillance that is being emplaced throughout the United States.

China is the “testing ground.” If it works in China, the Statists are convinced it will also work in the United States in the future…when they intend to unveil it. We have already seen drastic measures being taken with bills that include biometric passports with more difficulty for American citizens to leave than for anyone to enter. That is because citizens are subjects, and we pay the monstrous taxes…the highest of any country in the world…to keep us impoverished, keep us on the treadmill, keep the system going…the infallible system, that of the existing social, political, and economic order.

Popular Science writer Rob Verger just released an article on 2/8/18 entitled Chinese Cops are Using Facial-Recognition Sunglasses: Here’s How that Tech Works, that bears reading. In a nutshell, the glasses are used by the cops to “look” at a potential suspect, and the glasses relay those images to a database that compares files with individual biometric characteristics and sorts them out…to determine if the suspect is at hand.

Sounds simple and innocuous, but it isn’t…because what can be done is to have a deeper database that places people under surveillance and monitors their personal habits. Yes, Big Brother on the street corner. We wrote previously about Chinese hand-held devices that enable the Chinese State Police to ID someone right on the street. These “sunglasses” complement those existing systems. They also have handheld readers that allow them to scan laptops and mobile phones.

Kissinger, Brzezinski, Soros, and a host of other oligarch-politicos have all mentioned that a world system that would be effective should take as its example the system in place with the Communist Chinese. The funnel is narrowing, and it would take nothing to emplace these systems in use in China everywhere in the U.S. Questions are unanswered that point to an answer if they are thought upon long enough. Why are cameras springing up everywhere? Why was the Obama administration so hot to nab Edward Snowden and Julian Assange? Why the obfuscation, censorship, and control over things that violate the Constitutional rights of American citizens by the government?

The answer is simple: we are slowly being manipulated and assets and resources being emplaced to enable a transition to a surveillance state…a completed one…when the time is right. They need to make the attempt to control the guns, and they need to monitor the actions of everyone, all the time. The “Thought Police” of Orwell are just around the corner…and when they decide the time is right, the United States will cease to exist in its present form.

Watch what they do in China: with technological surveillance and monitoring, with controlled urbanization (such as forcing residents to live in shipping containers…little more than a cage), and with control over the Internet. Watch, simultaneously, in the United States how some creep is more than just a creep…and at the very least, and unwitting tool in the hands of the Deep State…an excuse to usher in gun control. They have to get the guns, and they have to control and monitor the movements and actions of the people. “1984” was written years ago, but it may take place tomorrow, and be in place when we awaken.

Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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LOOK OUT, Internet! Trump Supporters Now Have Their Own Dating Website

The Daily Sheeple - Mon, 02/19/2018 - 14:00

Are you single and wanting to “Make America Great Again?” Well, fellow Donald Trump supporters have launched their own dating websites, and they are irritating leftists and mainstream media as much as one could imagine.

Although dating sites for Democrats and socialists have been up for awhile, the mainstream media is beside themselves that Trump supporters dared to create Trump Dating and Trump Singles.  But “the MAGA-oriented dating websites have both arisen in a time of intense political polarization,” according to Yahoo News, which is an obvious cause for alarm if you ‘lean left.’ “Now, two online dating sites — Trump Dating and TrumpSingles — have arisen to indulge one side of that growing divide.”

A Tinder study found 71% of online daters consider differing politics a dealbreaker in a relationship and dating sites are taking notice.

The Wisconsin Gazette reported that Trump Dating previously hawked its intent to “deport liberals from your love life,” although that boast has since been taken off the front page. In fact, the front page doesn’t make much mention of Trump at all — aside from its name and branding and the couple sporting hats emblazoned with Trump’s now famous campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

Much to Yahoo New‘s distaste, the website does feature a blurb on the polarization of American politics, and bemoans the fact that, “While searching for a potential partner on other dating sites, it’s not uncommon to see messages like No Trump supporters or Proud liberal.”

Trump Dating also further annoyed leftists and social justice warriors for striking an anti-LGBT tone right off the bat. When you kick off the process of starting a profile, you get two options for labeling yourself — “straight man” or “straight woman.” More irritation to a leftists backside comes when one goes to select their race. (Which is annoying anyway.  The picture should give it away, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter. Besides, aren’t we all of the human race?) But I digress…

The ethnicity options also seemed oddly specific. In addition to the typical categories, the site includes choices like “Scandinavian,” “Polynesian,” “Eastern European,” “Western European,” “Mediterranean,” and “Eskimo,” a term used to label the indigenous people of Alaska, Canada, and Greenland that is considered offensive and inaccurate.

Trump Dating draws criticism for offensive categories and liberal-bashing. –Yahoo News

As you can see, the media appears to be whining about a website obviously not created with intentions to cater to their political ideology. And when has the mainstream media taken a break from conservative bashing? Oh, it hasn’t.

  And this is coming from a voluntaryist on the outside looking in. If you’re still a statist at this point in history, regardless of which side of the political aisle you align with, you just might deserve to be mocked.

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Hands-On With The Archon Type B [VIDEO]

The Truth About Guns - Mon, 02/19/2018 - 14:00

Due to finally hit the U.S. market in mid-to-late spring of this year, the Archon Type B is the next evolution of the Arsenal Strike One. The unique action and design of these pistols remains highly appealing to me, and the Archon even addresses the trigger issues I had with the Strike One . . […]

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Florida high school student says media is politicizing massacre to push gun control

The Blaze - Mon, 02/19/2018 - 13:40

A high school student from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School — the school where Nikolas Cruz allegedly killed 17 people and injured many more — has openly condemned the media for politicizing the tragedy in the days after the Wednesday shooting.

What are the details?

Speaking with The Daily Wire‘s Ryan Saavedra, high school student Brandon Minoff accused the media of taking the focus off of those killed in the mass shooting and using the massacre for an opportunity to push for gun control.

“I think it’s the media,” Minoff told Saavedra, pointing to the media, who the outlet reports Minoff believes is pushing gun control as a response to the shooting. “They exploit everything to make it political. They’re more concerned about gun control at this moment rather than the fact that there were 17 people that were killed.”

The Daily Wire reported that while Minoff does believe that restrictions and limitations should be imposed on firearms, he is greatly disappointed by the media coverage in the days following the deadly attack.

“It pains me to see that knowing that 17 of my classmates are dead and they just want to talk about gun control,” Minoff added. “Students have opinions, they say stuff that they’re against guns, and that gun control is necessary, but they’re making it bigger than it needs to be at this moment.”

While Minoff said that passing some sort of legislation to reduce tragedies of this type would be “helpful,” he also seems to have doubts about any gun control laws’ efficacy.

“You can’t drink until you’re 21, but that doesn’t stop kids from drinking,” he explained. “I don’t know if there is a way to stop it. There is a way around anything.”

The outlet reported that Minoff does, however, feel that schools should have armed guards, and said that if assistant football coach Aaron Feis — who died a hero for shielding students from gunfire with his body — had a weapon, the fatalities may have been reduced.

“If Coach Feis would have had a gun or any of the other security guards would have had a gun it definitely would have been less fatal,” Minoff reasoned. “[The shooter] and coach Feis were face-to-face and he just shielded kids instead of having the ability to kill the shooter.”

Cops Say No Incentive to Enforce Law If They Can’t Keep Seized Property

The Daily Sheeple - Mon, 02/19/2018 - 13:31

Now you know where Jeff Sessions learned to be a dope! Opie invades Washington! Grrrrr….Civil Asset Forfeiture is the most egregious form of state sanctioned theft in the history of the world.

Watch on YouTube



Source: AL Sheriffs & DAs: No Incentive to Enforce the Law if We Can’t Keep the Funds

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Sheriff offers free concealed carry classes for teachers in wake of deadly school shooting

The Blaze - Mon, 02/19/2018 - 13:25

Since the deadly mass shooting at a Florida high school last week, politicians and pundits have been calling for stronger gun control measures and casting blame for the tragedy on the NRA, Republicans, conservatives and President Donald Trump.

But others are fighting fire with fire.

TheBlaze noted Sunday that the owner of is offering a free concealed carry class for the state’s educators and students who are at least 18 years old.

And the same thing is happening in Ohio — but the difference is that the offer is coming courtesy of a law enforcement official.

Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones announced Sunday on Twitter that he’ll offer a free concealed carry class to teachers in the county — as well as training on school shootings.

The idea seemed to quickly elicit positive responses, as the sheriff’s office noted on Facebook:

“Over 50 emails in 20 minutes,” the post noted. “Keep them coming, we will find a plan. This community rocks! #kidscomefirst!!”

What did detractors have to say?

Not that everybody was on board. One Facebook commenter called the sheriff’s class to fight back against gun violence in schools “hillbilly logic.”

“If kids come first, why are you trying to expose them to MORE firearms?” the commenter wrote. “Why not just try to change the gun laws and make it harder for people to even obtain them?”

A commenter on Jones’ Twitter post replied, “I truly hope you’re not implying by this tweet that teachers should be bringing weapons onto school property? Training for everyone on an individual basis is fine and dandy, but if there is a teacher bringing a gun onto school grounds, I have BIG problems with that.”

What move did Ohio’s Republican governor just take in relation to guns?

Gov. John Kasich removed a pro-Second Amendment section from his political website Sunday after he called on Congress to enact stricter gun laws.

(H/T: Louder With Crowder)

Volcanic Activity And Earthquakes In The Ring Of Fire Spark Fears Of ‘The BIG ONE’ - Mon, 02/19/2018 - 13:00

The Ring of Fire appears to be awakening in the past few weeks.  As deaths, injuries, and evacuations occur around the volatile area, new fears have arisen that the “big one” could occur any day now.

Many have warned that the Ring of Fire’s activity could produce a large enough earthquake to completely destroy the entire California coast. So far, nothing of the sort has happened, but new and violent volcanic activity is forcing the fear back to the forefront of people’s minds.

According to The Sun, scientists are now sounding the alarm as well.  Scientists have warned that the frequent seismic activity, which has already claimed lives, could mean a huge quake is on the way.  A new study out of California says that the cluster of tremors around the planet’s so-called Ring of Fire (the horseshoe-shaped geological disaster zone) could indicate the “big one” is due to hit, TheDaily Mail Online reports.

The research, published in the journal Science Advances, involved analysis of 101 major earthquakes around the Pacific Ring of Fire between 1990 and 2016. Thorne Lay, a professor of Earth and planetary sciences at UC Santa Cruz, said, “Based on the clustering of earthquakes in space and time, the area that has just slipped is actually more likely to have another failure.” He added that despite the stress on the fault being lowered to below failure level, “the surrounding areas have been pushed towards failure in many cases, giving rise to aftershocks and the possibility of an adjacent large rupture sooner rather than later.”

“Taiwan, Guam, and Japan are far apart relative to the static stress interactions, but one could examine the seismic shaking from an earlier event in the region of a later event to see if small earthquakes were triggered as the seismic waves went by which could have led to a cascade of failures culminating in a larger event,” said Lay.  “Until that type of analysis is done, causal connection between the events is very speculative. Earthquakes are happening frequently in the Ring of Fire, and some apparent space-time clustering could arise from purely random (non-interacting) activity.”

More than 180 people were injured and 17 people killed when a 6.4 magnitude quake struck Taiwan’s east coast on February 6.

On Tuesday a series of tremors reaching magnitudes as high as 5.7 shook the US island territory of Guam.

Since February 11, three earthquakes have hit Japan, the largest measured at 4.8 on the Richter scale and was 103 kilometers from Hachijo.

But scientists have reassured the public, saying such activity is normal for the Ring of Fire and dismissed speculation of a “domino effect” triggering a bigger quake.The Sun

While some scientists look to discover the possibility of an unexpected “big one,” many others are urging the public to remain calm and not be concerned.

Toshiyasu Nagao, head of Tokyo-based Tokai UNiversity’s Earthquake Prediction Research Centre, told Japan Times, “The Pacific Rim is in a period of activity. In terms of volcanic history, however, the current activity is still regarded as normal.”

Presidents’ Day Sale: Primary Arms ACSS-Equipped Trijicon TA44 ACOGs

The Truth About Guns - Mon, 02/19/2018 - 13:00

My 2017 Christmas present? A Trijicon ACOG…but not just any ACOG. I’ve been a big fan of Primary Arms’ ACSS reticle for many years, as it combines extremely fast, intuitive target ranging with clear ballistic drop holdovers, and it was high time to get it in a high-end optic. The ACSS ACOGs are only available […]

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GOP governor scraps pro-Second Amendment portion of his website, calls on Congress to ‘wake up’

The Blaze - Mon, 02/19/2018 - 12:48

Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) removed a pro-Second Amendment section from his political website Sunday after he called on Congress to enact stricter gun laws during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“We should look at bump stocks that make weapons fully automatic. I was talking to a friend of mine this morning,” the governor said. “He’s a big collector. I said, ‘If all of a sudden, you couldn’t buy an AR-15, what would you lose? Would you feel as though your Second Amendment rights would be eroded because you couldn’t buy a God-darn AR-15?'”

The former presidential candidate, who has long touted himself as a Second Amendment supporter, first expressed his change of heart in an op-ed published Nov. 12, following the massacres in Las Vegas in October, and Sutherland Springs, Texas, in November.

What did the pro-Second Amendment section of the site say?

Kasich’s political site featured photos and text touting his stance to defend the rights of gun owners, according to Ohio public radio journalist Karen Kasler.

“[A]s governor, [Kasich] has signed every pro-2nd amendment bill that has crossed his desk to defend this basic, constitutional right. John Kasich is a gun owner himself, and in his 2014 re-election was endorsed by the National Rifle Association for his support of the Second Amendment as an inviolate part of our Constitution,” the section read.

It went on to say he enacted legislation protecting the privacy of concealed handgun owners and allowing for reciprocity licenses with other states where permit holders can carry their guns.

And it talked about Kasich’s opposition to then-President Barack Obama’s gun control executive orders: “The Second Amendment is too important and Obama’s hostility is too well known for him to go around Congress and undermine the Second Amendment.”

What did Kasich say on CNN?

Kasich called Congress “totally dysfunctional” and said it’s time for them to “wake up.”

He said “politicians have not been responding” to the shootings and he “doesn’t have any confidence in them” to do so now.

“Where we have to effect this, I believe, is at the local level and the statehouse, because you can have greater access to politicians who serve in the state legislature, in — a county commissioner, in a city council,” Kasich said.

He went to add that lawmakers in Ohio are “looking at everything, full background checks, including casual sales,” and the terms surrounding people with mental illness and their ability to purchase firearms. Casual sales are those made by someone who isn’t in the firearm’s selling business.

Kasich claimed he still supports the Second Amendment but added that there may need to be limits placed on it.

“If you’re a strong Second Amendment person, you need to — you need to slow down and take a look at reasonable things that can be done to answer these young people,” Kasich said, referring to Florida high school students who are demanding action on gun control.

Then he called on President Donald Trump to “take some steps now” toward “common sense” reform.

High school student arrested after allegedly saying during class, ‘I could buy an AR-15’

The Blaze - Mon, 02/19/2018 - 12:33

A 17-year-old Connecticut high school student was arrested after allegedly saying during class, “I could buy an AR-15 rifle” — the same type of gun used in the deadly mass shooting last Wednesday at a Florida high school.

Authorities came to Ledyard High School after getting word from school officials around 9 a.m. Thursday that the student made the comment, WTNH-TV reported.

The student — whose identity is being withheld — was charged with threatening in the 2nd degree and breach of peace in the 2nd degree, WTNH said.

Police told the station they worked with school staff to ensure there was never a credible threat to students or staff members.

Principal Amanda Fagan emphasized in a statement that the student is a minor who cannot legally purchase an AR-15 but that the student’s words are “akin to joking about a bomb in the airport. One simply doesn’t do it,” WTIC-TV reported.

“The student in question does not have access to firearms at home,” Fagan added, the station said. “There was never any threat to the safety of your children or the adults who teach and tend to them each day. The student did not, in fact, specifically threaten to do harm but rather referenced the purchase of a weapon.”

Here is the principal’s statement on WTIC:

In the wake of any school violence, nerves are often frayed. Today is no exception. Many of us – parents, students, educators – faced today with feelings of sadness, anger, even fear as we began to process the news of the eighth fatal school shooting in America in seven weeks. This time, it was 17 high school students and staff members who lost their lives yesterday at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

Like every school staff in America today, the staff of Ledyard High School had heightened senses all day, working to be sure our smiles were particularly welcoming, our ears were particularly open, our interactions particularly genuine. I addressed the student body at the start of second block today, and I attach those words to this email if you’d like to read them.

The specific purpose for this School Messenger is to counter some false information that was posted today on a community forum on Facebook. That social media post indicated that a student at the high school had been arrested today for posting on the internet that he was going to shoot up the high school. That information, as presented, is false. Had an overt threat against the students and staff of Ledyard High School been made, you can be certain that you would have heard about it from school or district administration.

While protecting student confidentiality, I’d like to tell you what did happen today. At the beginning of our first period class, a student stated, roughly, “I could buy an AR-15.” In an abundance of caution, despite the fact that this student is a minor who cannot, in fact, legally purchase such a weapon, we made the decision to consult with the Ledyard Police, who made the decision to take the student into custody. The offense is akin to joking about a bomb in the airport. One simply doesn’t do it.

The student in question does not have access to firearms at home. There was never any threat to the safety of your children or the adults who teach and tend to them each day. The student did not, in fact, specifically threaten to do harm but rather referenced the purchase of a weapon. Moving forward into the coming days and weeks, I ask for your help in keeping the spread of unverified information in check. Should you ever have a question, please reach out to me by phone, email, or in person. I’m happy to clarify or verify information as appropriate.

(H/T: The College Fix)

Texas Sheriff Who Allows Teachers To Carry Firearms Leaves MSNBC’s Jaw On The Floor

The Daily Sheeple - Mon, 02/19/2018 - 12:20

The debate over guns in America has surged again to the forefront of conversation in the wake of the horrific school shooting in Florida last week.

A deranged gunman went on a rampage through the Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, killing 17. Many are calling for stricter gun laws in the wake of the shooting. One of the students of Stoneman Douglas said this weekend that his coach, who died in the shooting, would have then able to confront the gunman had he been able to carry his firearm to school.

While the idea of arming teachers is a controversial one nationally, a school district in Texas has been arming their teachers for over 4 years. The Argyle School Independent School District decided in 2014 to allow highly trained members of staff to carry guns on campus to prevent mass shootings.

On MSNBC this weekend, Sheriff Paul Cairney of Argyle, Texas, described the process by which staff members can carry firearms in the school district. The Sheriff said that the staff at the school who choose to carry a firearm go through an intense round of interviews and training before they are allowed to carry on campus. The MSNBC host was flabbergasted at the practice and asked the Sheriff about concerns for the safety of the students in the school when there are firearms around.

The Sheriff said the practice is heavily restricted, but the “time to do nothing is over”  when it comes to combating school shooters.

Here is the process to carry a firearm in the Argyle school district, according to a recent ABC report:

To become a school marshal, those employees must undergo extensive active shooter and firearms training with the state. They must also undergo a mental health evaluation.

They receive a school marshal designation by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and must renew their license every two years by undergoing the same training and evaluation.

Outside of campuses in Keene and Argyle, signs warn visitors that there are staff members who are armed and are prepared to protect children.


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Russian election interference aimed to help Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein — not just Donald Trump

The Blaze - Mon, 02/19/2018 - 12:08

The Russian operatives charged with meddling in the 2016 presidential election weren’t trying to boost only President Donald Trump’s chances, according to USA Today.

An indictment stemming from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election meddling details that operations were intended to attack all candidates — except Trump, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I), and Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

According to the indictment, the Russians “engaged in operations primarily intended to communicate derogatory information about Hillary Clinton, to denigrate other candidates such as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and to support Bernie Sanders and then-candidate Donald Trump.”

The operatives also purchased online ads in support of Stein’s campaign shortly before Election Day.

The indictment made clear that the results of the election were not impacted by the Russians’ activities.

However, Sanders tweeted Friday that Mueller’s investigation must continue in order to protect the 2018 election.

“It has been clear to everyone (except Donald Trump) that Russia was deeply involved in the 2016 election and intends to be involved in 2018. It is the American people who should be deciding the future of our country, not Mr. Putin and the Russian oligarchs,” Sanders wrote.

“It is absolutely imperative that the Mueller investigation be allowed to go forward without obstruction from the Trump administration or Congress,” he continued.

Clinton has not publicly addressed the revelations about her campaign being target by Russian media attacks, but her campaign manager addressed the situation on Twitter.

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: Parole Officer Knows When to Fold ‘Em

The Truth About Guns - Mon, 02/19/2018 - 12:00

Tyson’s pocket dump contains not one, not two, but three folding weapons: a North American Arms pocket-clipped (not magazined) .22, a Benchmade 558 Doug Ritter Mini-Griptilian with AWT scales and a Shomer-Tec SHNK Covert Nickel Knife. A product name that’s awfully close to “shank” — a crude weapon not unfamiliar to the Georgia parole officer. If Tyson’s […]

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Here’s Why Banks Hate Cryptocurrencies - Mon, 02/19/2018 - 12:00

This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

Banks like to pretend that they’re so much more established and secure than the world of cryptocurrencies, but as anybody who pays close attention to the headlines would know…that’s just not the case…

Setting aside all of their rhetoric about embracing the blockchain, banks have mostly avoided or opposed cryptos (Goldman Sachs, sensing the opportunity for profit, is one notable exception), often citing their volatility and the ease with which they can be used to launder money as qualities that disqualify them from being taken seriously (though, as we recently witnessed with the US dollar, perhaps banks need to rework this volatility argument a bit).  Even yesterday’s announcement of the first criminal charges against a cryptocurrency trader pales in comparison to the many, many crimes that banks (or even one bank) have settled allegations of. The real answer to why the banks’ dislike cryptocurrencies is probably because they feel threatened. The recent selloff notwithstanding, the rise of cryptocurrencies has continued unabated, despite the efforts of some of the most powerful governments on Earth, while the concept is still very young, it does have potential to shake up the aging fiat system. In order to understand the race between the banks and cryptocurrencies, we developed a visual to see just how “David” is comparing to “Goliath.”

Using data from Yahoo Finance and,‘s data team developed a visual that compares the market caps between some of the world’s largest banks and the largest cryptocurrencies. On the left blue column, there are four banks listed from largest to smallest market caps: JPMorgan Chase, Bank of China, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley. Conversely, the right red column features the total cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, NEO, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, and Stellar. The larger the circle, the bigger the market cap.


Total Crypto Market Exceeds Size Of JPMorgan; Banks Fight Back In Attempt To Slow Growth

After an extraordinarily volatile (even for bitcoin) start to the year, cryptocurrencies are rallying once again, with bitcoin breaking above $10,000. As of Feb. 16, 2018, the crypto market had a market cap of $470 billion – larger than the size of the United States’ largest bank, JPMorgan Chase.

Bitcoin’s market cap alone is comparable to Bank of China’s. The second largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Ethereum, is comparable in size to Morgan Stanley. It is stats like these that have the global banking sector worried that cryptocurrencies are on track to make a serious impact on their operations.

One of the most recent efforts to help slow the pace of crypto growth were announcements from several banks saying that customers could no longer purchase digital currency with their credit cards. Berkshire Hathaway’s Charlie Munger has called Bitcoin “totally asinine” and Warren Buffet has said he would “buy a five-year put on every cryptocurrency.”

Overall, cryptocurrencies are seeing their size and value top even some of the largest financial institutions in the world. This has caused banks to fight back and attempt to slow their growth. However, even banks clearly don’t know what they really want. After JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon famously declared Bitcoin a “fraud”, it is interesting to now see a report published by the investment bank that calls Bitcoin-based ETFs the “holy grail for owners and investors.”

And should the bitcoin ETF become a reality, do you really think banks will turn down those lucrative fees?

What do you think?

New allegations claim ‘#MeToo’ Dem. lawmaker drank on the job, used sex to get info from officials

The Blaze - Mon, 02/19/2018 - 11:55

California Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, a #MeToo advocate under investigation for sexual harassment, has been hit with more damaging allegations that paint her office as a toxic work environment in which Garcia behaved unprofessionally and inappropriately on a regular basis.

Four former staffers wrote a letter detailing allegations of sexual and professional misconduct since the Democratic lawmaker was elected in 2012 and requesting that the State Assembly investigate.

The accusations

The former staffers alleged:

  • Garcia regularly drank alcohol on the job and pressured staff to do the same both at the office and during after hours events.
  • Garcia would brag in “uncomfortable” detail about her sexual activity, including sexual activity with other lawmakers that took place in Assembly offices
  • Garcia bragged about using sex to get information from other elected officials.
  • Garcia treated her staff harshly, routinely belittling and threatening them with termination, and showing herself to be “very retaliatory in nature.”
  • Garcia required staffers to perform campaign and personal duties on Assembly time.

Three of the four staffers who wrote the letter have remained anonymous out of fear of retaliation, but one of them elaborated on the situation to Politico.

David Kernick comes forward

David Kernick worked for Garcia for five months in 2014 and filed a formal complaint against the assemblywoman that claims he was fired for resisting her behavior.

Kernick told Politico that Garcia once drank heavily at a fundraising event and later tried to get staffers to play “spin the bottle” in her hotel room. He said he was disciplined and fired shortly after protesting the game as sexual harassment.

“It was definitely uncomfortable,” Kernick told Politico. “But I realized it’s different for a man than for a woman. … You know it’s inappropriate, but at the same time you may wonder, ‘How many women do you work for that act like that?’ You think … ‘Maybe she’s just really cool.’”

A pattern of behavior?

Other staffers and a lobbyist told Politico that Garcia would serve alcoholic drinks during work hours as a form of “team-building” and that she offered a group of lobbyists beer during a morning meeting from a tap she had in her office.

Garcia’s response

A spokeswoman for Garcia would not comment on the new allegations.

“The assembly member is on voluntary, unpaid leave until the investigation into the claim has concluded,” said spokeswoman Teala Schiff. “As an employee of [the] Assembly Rules [Committee], I am not able to answer your questions.”

Garcia, under investigation for allegations that she groped former staff members, said:

I will address each of these issues individually after the investigations into these allegations are closed. I am confident that I consistently treated my staff fairly and respectfully. In a fast-paced legislative office, not everyone is the right fit for every position, and I do understand how a normal employment decision could be misinterpreted.

Owners of gun store who sold school shooter weapon close shop indefinitely: ‘Shocked and mortified’

The Blaze - Mon, 02/19/2018 - 11:35

The owners of a gun shop in Coral Springs, Florida, have closed their shop indefinitely after Nikolas Cruz, a former patron, carried out one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history with a weapon he purchased from the store.

What are the details?

The New York Daily News reported Monday that Michael and Lisa Morrison, owners of Sunrise Tactical Supply, closed their shop indefinitely on Friday “out of respect” of those impacted by the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Cruz reportedly bought the weapon he used in the shooting at the Morrisons’ shop in February 2017.

Douglas Rudman, a lawyer for the Morrisons, said that the couple is “shocked and mortified that anything like this would happen,” pointing to the deadly shooting which claimed the lives of at least 17 people and injured many more.

According to Rudman, the Morrisons followed proper procedure in selling the gun to Cruz.

“There was nothing about this transaction that raised any suspicions in the minds of the owners or the employees,” Rudman said, noting that the shop had performed “all appropriate background checks, received all the proper clearances, and held the weapon for the required [five] business day waiting period.”

According to the outlet, Cruz answered “no” on the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) paperwork asking if he suffered from mental illness.

What do the Morrisons think?

Rudman in a statement went on to express the Morrisons’ points of view on the shooting.

“They condemn in the strongest possible fashion anyone who uses any weapon in anger and violence,” Rudman added. “They’re good family people who would never advocate violence toward anyone.”

The Morrisons are apparently even going as far as to throw support behind legislation that would clarify procedures surrounding those with mental illness attempting to purchase guns.

“They feel strongly about supporting measures that would require the disclosure of allegations of mental illness to agencies that govern the approval of firearm sales,” Rudman’s statement added. “These measures will be a first step toward taking firearms out of the hands of those who would use them for such reprehensible attacks.”

The store hosted FBI and ATF agents on Sunday, according to the outlet.

Anything else?

The couple who welcomed Cruz into their home as a live-in guest expressed their shock at and dismay over the school shooting.

Kimberly and James Snead were featured Monday on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” where they said Cruz was “nothing like they portray on television or in the media.”

Kimberly said that she is “absolutely heartbroken” and “devastated.”

“I still can’t process it because this isn’t the person we knew,” she added. “Not at all.”


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