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"West Point always stressed that no matter the training, the real man/leader is exposed in the heat of battle."

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Motorcyclist dies on ride through Death Valley during sweltering heatwave

Mon, 07/08/2024 - 16:32

A man died from exposure to a record heatwave while visiting Death Valley National Park in California on Saturday.

National park officials said in a press release that the man was a part of a group of six motorcyclists driving through the Badwater Basin in the park.

'If you warm up and never properly cool down, your body doesn’t get a chance to reset.'

“Yesterday it was 128 degrees, which was a record high for that day in Death Valley,” said park ranger Nichole Andler, “and these folks were traveling through on motorcycles, and most likely they didn’t have adequate cooling.”

One of the six motorcyclists was declared dead at the scene while four were treated for heat illness. One of those was later sent to a hospital for treatment of "severe heat illness," according to Andler.

The heat also prevented an emergency helicopter from responding to the incident. Officials had warned prior to the incident that the high heat thins the air and makes it dangerous for helicopters to maintain the lift necessary to fly.

At least one person dies every year from the heat in Death Valley, according to officials. The park reported that a 65-year-old died in July 2023 when the temperature reached 126 degrees, and another person, a 71-year-old hiker, died a few days later when the temperature reached over 120 degrees.

“Folks get excited about experiencing the warmest temperatures that they’ve ever experienced before, and sometimes they forget that if an hour ago they were hot and started to feel nauseous, then they need to spend the rest of the day in air conditioning — because that could be the earliest sign of heat illness,” Andler said.

“If you warm up and never properly cool down, your body doesn’t get a chance to reset," she added.

Despite the warnings, other visitors gleefully took photographs in front of the famous Death Valley digital temperature indicator.

“Death Valley during the summer has always been a bucket list thing for me. For most of my life, I’ve wanted to come out here in summertime," said Chris Kinsel, a visitor from Las Vegas, Nevada.

The heatwave affecting the southwest region of the U.S. has resulted in record-high temperatures for Palmdale and Lancaster, both in California. Palmdale's temperature hit 114 degrees after setting a previous high of 110 in 1989, while Lancaster hit 115 degrees after previously reaching 110 in 2017.

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Biggest takeaways from Biden’s interview with George Stephanopoulos

Mon, 07/08/2024 - 16:00

Biden’s performance in the first presidential debate against Donald Trump was abysmal — and that’s a bipartisan statement. Democrats across the board are finally acknowledging the president’s cognitive decline and his inability to serve another term while Republicans are saying something to the effect of “we told you so.”

Biden and his administration are the only ones who seem to be digging their heels in on the matter. In his high-stakes interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, which was orchestrated to quell the panic regarding Biden’s mental state, the president attempted to convince fellow Democrats and the nation at-large of his psychological fortitude.

Was he successful?

BlazeTV host Stu Burguiere answers that question in the following analysis:

Biden’s Interview with Stephanopoulos: Stu Reacts Live

According to Stu, the interview will certainly “go down in history at some level as potentially one of the most consequential interviews you'll ever see in your entire life” because “if [Biden] completely butchers this interview, his campaign is probably over and we have a new presidential candidate; if he hits a homerun, he might be able to save his candidacy.”

“What Biden had to do here is not be the Biden from the debate, and I think he cleared that bar,” as long as you apply the “Biden curve,” he says. “He wasn't amazing. I don't think he showed tons and tons of energy, but he didn't have any catastrophes.”

But was it enough to secure his candidacy?

To hear Stu’s thoughts on the future of Biden’s campaign, watch the video above.

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Detroit officials blame 'illegal block parties' after deadly shootings

Mon, 07/08/2024 - 15:33

Officials in Detroit, Michigan, have decided to crack down on so-called illegal block parties after three people were killed and dozens more wounded in shootings around the July Fourth holiday.

In the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, some 300 people gathered in a neighborhood near the intersection of Rossini Drive and Reno Street on the northeastern side of Detroit. Suddenly, around 2:30 a.m., shots broke out.

'This is not who we are.'

When the smoke cleared, a 20-year-old woman and a 21-year-old man were dead, and 19 other people — ranging in age from 16 to 27 — were injured, making it the worst mass shooting in Michigan history. As of Monday afternoon, a 17-year-old girl remains in critical condition.

Officials confirmed that multiple suspects are believed to be involved but did not provide further details.

Sadly, the shooting on Sunday morning was just one of six shootings that occurred at mass gatherings in Detroit in the past week. At least one other person has died and five others were wounded, bringing the total number of shooting deaths to 13 in just the past five weeks or so, officials claimed.

To combat this rash of deadly violence, city officials have decided to take aim at the mass gatherings. At a press conference on Monday, Democratic Mayor Mike Duggan, Police Chief James White, and others claimed these unauthorized block parties often lead to outbursts of violence.

"We had a level of violence last week that we rarely see anymore in Detroit," said Mayor Duggan. "And it’s caused a great deal of pain for the victims and their families, and it’s caused a great deal of pain to the entire Detroit community."

"This is not who we are," Chief White added.

In Detroit, anyone wishing to host a block party must first receive a permit from the city. The party must then be restricted to one block, according to a 2023 Facebook post from the Detroit Police Department, and no alcohol, tents, inflatables, vendors, or food and beverage sales are allowed.

Mayor Duggan assured residents that the city does not want to ban outdoor barbecues or other family gatherings. The city just wants to avoid "pop-up parties" that ultimately shut down streets and sometimes attract the wrong crowd from other cities.

"You know the difference between your neighbor’s family getting a little loud and a lot of strangers showing up on your street, parking on the grass and sidewalk, blocking your driveway, underage kids out in front after curfew, loud noise in the neighborhood," he said.

"We’re not going to have neighbors becoming hostages in their own homes this summer, and that is what’s happening," he continued.

"This is not, 'Your neighbor’s family's party got large.'"

'Even in Detroit, you don’t need the mayor’s permission to gather with others.'

Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy expressed similar concerns. "Block parties used to be good, clean fun," she said. "But now, many of them are venues of death, fear, violence, and destruction. Should we have to regulate them? No. Must we? Absolutely, yes."

Officials claim they will be targeting party organizers and hosts, not attendees. Those caught violating the restrictions regarding block parties may receive citations for offenses such as disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace, both of which can result in a fine and/or jail time.

However, critics such as journalist James David Dickson believe that mass gatherings are covered by the First Amendment and are not the cause of the violence.

"What is an 'illegal party'? There is no such thing," Dickson wrote on X. "Even in Detroit, you don’t need the mayor’s permission to gather with others."

"Explain to me like I’m 5 how getting a 'permit' makes it OK to block off a street for a party," he added in a follow-up post. "Because the government says so? Uh oh."

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Left-wing writer Stephen King turns on Biden and gets hit with furious online backlash: 'Get your f***ing head examined'

Mon, 07/08/2024 - 15:00

Author Stephen King was assailed on social media after he joined the chorus of voices calling on President Joe Biden to step down from his presidential campaign.

Many Democrats have turned on Biden after a disastrous debate performance that appeared to demonstrate his diminished mental and cognitive capabilities. While some on the left have continued to support the candidate, more and more are publicly calling for his replacement.

'Hostile media going after the only guy standing between us and literally Nazis.'

On Monday, the iconic author said it was time for Biden to step down.

"Joe Biden has been a fine president, but it’s time for him—in the interests of the America he so clearly loves—to announce he will not run for re-election," he wrote on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

The tweet garnered more than 3.3 million views. King had previously expressed his support for Biden and hostility to Trump and his supporters.

Many on the left expressed angst and anger against King over the missive.

"Oh, this is your new horror story! Good one. Whew! Had me going there," replied "Star Trek" star George Takei.

"Get your f***ing head examined. We’re dealing with a hostile media going after the only guy standing between us and literally Nazis. Do you know something the rest of us don’t know or are you getting paid to do this?" read one popular response.

"White males will always show you their true colors when the going gets moderately difficult. Stevo is just your basic weak as f*** white male doing their #DipS*** behaviors," said another angry user.

"I am and will be behind President Biden to the end. He is our only bulwark against Trump and the end of democracy. I am outraged and embarrassed for you that you would write this at a time when we need unity," read another popular reply.

Others, like tech billionaire Elon Musk, mocked King and the Biden supporters.

"Even Stephen King is voting for Trump!" he responded.

On Friday, it was leaked that a prominent Democratic U.S. senator had organized a meeting of other Democratic senators to discuss whether to call on Biden to step down from the campaign. Over the weekend, he reportedly called off the meeting and expressed frustration that the plan was leaked.

Biden, meanwhile, has forcefully said he will not step down and that he would win the election against Trump.

"I can respond to all this by saying clearly and unequivocally: I wouldn't be running again if I did not absolutely believe I was the best person to beat Donald Trump in 2024," read a statement attributed to Biden.

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WH press briefing gets heated after Karine Jean-Pierre refuses to confirm Parkinson's expert visits

Mon, 07/08/2024 - 14:41

Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had a tough press conference on Monday after reporters grilled her on whether a Parkinson's disease expert visited the White House multiple times as concerns over President Joe Biden's mental health have reached new heights.

Jean-Pierre confirmed Biden had seen a neurologist three times since being president as part of his yearly physical, but she would not publicly confirm whether Dr. Kevin Cannard, a Parkinson’s disease expert with Walter Reed Medical Center, met with Dr. Kevin O’Connor and two others at the White House residence clinic, as first reported by the New York Post.

When Jean-Pierre continued to dodge reporters' questions about Cannard's visit, as seen on White House visitor logs, because of "security" reasons, CBS News' Ed O'Keefe got into a tense back-and-forth with her, frustrated that the White House has not been forthcoming about Biden's health.

'What security reasons? This odd red herring is making the storyline worse.'

"That much you should be able to answer at this point," O’Keefe said.

"No, no, no, no, wait a minute. Ed, please. A little respect here, please. So every year, the president sees a neurologist," Jean-Pierre replied.

When O'Keefe pointed out she was not answering the question, Jean-Pierre said she "cannot share names." "We cannot share names of specialists broadly, from a dermatologist to a neurologist," she said. "Ed, I hear you. I cannot, from here, confirm any of that because we have to keep their privacy. I think they would appreciate that too."

"It's public information, and you've allowed this to fester longer, Karine, unless the White House answers the question," O'Keefe interjected, pointing out she has given out incorrect information that she has had to correct days later.

After Jean-Pierre finished sparring with O'Keefe, other reporters tried to get the White House to confirm the visitor logs, but Jean-Pierre refused to budge, repeatedly citing "security" concerns about restating public information.

"Karine Jean Pierre is refusing to answer why a Parkinson's expert repeatedly met with President Biden's doctor, citing 'security reasons.' What security reasons? This odd red herring is making the storyline worse," former Trump White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said on X.

WH press briefing gets heated after Karine Jean-Pierre refuses to confirm Parkinson's expert visits

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Parents angry at cops for detaining their kids after 200 teens ran amok, fireworks set off, fire started — in shopping mall

Mon, 07/08/2024 - 14:20

Some Los Angeles-area parents are angry at police for detaining their kids after 200 teens ran amok, fireworks were set off, and a fire was started — inside a shopping mall.

In the end, cops detained and cited more than 70 juveniles Saturday night in connection with a major disturbance at the SouthBay Pavilion Mall in Carson, KTLA-TV reported, adding that some parents and relatives called the law enforcement response excessive.

One mom complained to KTLA that her 11-year-old detained son has 'no paperwork, never been in trouble, he gets straight As, and he’s a [sic] athlete.'

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies responded around 5:30 p.m. to reports of what the station called a "large and unruly gathering" of about 200 minors that resulted in the mall closing early.

Authorities said some juveniles set off fireworks inside a store, and someone else started a fire in a trashcan, KTLA said.

The crowd reportedly refused to comply with dispersal orders, after which more law enforcement officers were called to the scene over teens disrupting businesses and endangering shoppers, officials told the station.

Sheriff’s deputies set up a perimeter and were seen jumping into bushes to detain some of the teens, many of whom were scrambling to exit the mall as law enforcement officers arrived, KTLA reported.

Jamila Buie — whose 16-year-old nephew was one of 73 teens detained — told the station that the police response was excessive: “I feel like they should’ve only detained the ones that started the fire, not all the kids. It’s only 30 people. They said they had video of the kids that started the fire.”

Deputies issued the minors citations for failure to disperse and disturbing the peace, the station said, adding that parents were forced to pick up their children — and some parents said the detainments weren't justified.

One mom complained to KTLA that her 11-year-old detained son has "no paperwork, never been in trouble, he gets straight As, and he’s a [sic] athlete."

But shoppers told the station the incident was unnerving. San Pedro resident Michelle Brooks told KTLA, “I come to the mall often here. I think it’s ridiculous. Parents need to get a hold of their children at all times.”

There were no reports of injuries or thefts from any mall shops Saturday night, the station said, adding that the mall was open for business Sunday — but with a visible security presence.

You can view a video report about the incident here.

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Biden admin placed unaccompanied immigrant children in 'unregulated and unsafe' living conditions: Report

Mon, 07/08/2024 - 14:04

The Biden administration placed unaccompanied immigrant minors in homes that were not deemed safe by caseworkers, according to a Monday report from the Wall Street Journal.

The news outlet found that the administration "repeatedly overrode the concerns of lower-level workers," placing children with guardians who had previously been rejected.

In the first eight months of fiscal year 2024, there were more than 83,000 unaccompanied minor encounters nationwide, according to Customs and Border Protection data.

Two sources told the WSJ that emergency shelter caseworkers under the Biden administration have been instructed to place children in a home within 10 to 14 days.

As a result of the pressure to move children through the system as quickly as possible, some minors were placed in homes with ties to criminal activity, the report stated.

One child was moved to a "hostel-like" Florida home with three or more adults even after a caseworker recommended against it, according to internal government memos reviewed by the WSJ.

"It does not appear safe for the minor to be released to a home environment that was not fully assessed," the caseworker wrote. Those concerns were ultimately ignored.

Many of the denial reversals initiated by the Biden administration provided little detail as to why the guardians were later approved, the news outlet stated.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services told the WSJ it cannot comment on individual cases but added, "Child welfare best-practices are clear that children belong with family and not in shelters."

The HHS oversaw a network of shelters that provided care to the unaccompanied minors.

An HHS Office of Inspector General report published earlier this year found "gaps" in the department's guardian screening process, Blaze News previously reported.

"In 16 percent of children's case files, one or more required sponsor safety checks lacked any documentation indicating that the checkers were conducted," the OIG report stated. "For 19 percent of children who were released to sponsors with pending FBI fingerprint or State child abuse and neglect registry checks, children's case files were never updated with the results."

Neha Desai, the senior director of immigration at the National Center for Youth Law, told the news outlet, "Although well-intentioned, these sites were unregulated and unsafe."

"There was enormous pressure placed on the sites to rapidly release children from custody," she added.

In one instance, caseworkers found allegedly different sponsors residing at multiple addresses with ties to the same individual, the news outlet reported. Supervisors warned that it could be an indicator that the sponsor is recruiting children for labor trafficking.

One senior HHS official told the WSJ, "We're in a completely different place than we were when we started."

"We were stuck with what we had when we started on day one, which unfortunately did not set us up to be able to meet the challenges that we faced in 2021," the official remarked.

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Is THIS why Democrats want to draft our daughters?

Mon, 07/08/2024 - 14:00

The Democrat-controlled Senate is debating a version of the National Defense Authorization Act that includes a plan to register women for selective service, which would make them eligible for the draft.

Sen. Mike Lee of Utah (R) is standing up against it.

“The draft-our-daughters agenda has no place in our national defense,” Lee tells Glenn Beck, explaining that he believes the move is for “aesthetic purposes” — showing how “woke” and “open-minded” we are.

“I can’t fathom any other reason why they would want to do it,” he continues. “You don’t send women to fight as long as able-bodied men exist and are available to fight. It’s a fundamental notion. You don’t even have to get to a moral question on this, it’s a survival question.”

The push to draft women has been brought up by Democrats every few years, and every single time Congress has rejected it.

“This year they’re quietly trying to slip it into the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act,” Lee explains. “We shouldn’t be putting policy like this, such a revolutionary policy, into it.”

“Especially when what they’ve been doing as of late is putting this together and then ramming it through the Senate floor and telling us that we have no opportunity to amend it once it gets to the floor. So, that’s why we’ve got to start sounding the alarm bells now,” he adds.

While women can and do serve in the military currently, most of them don’t do it the same way men do.

“Women served all through wars in different capacities. You can serve, it’s just your body is not made for a war. You can't drag your 200-pound companion off the battlefield if you’re a 125-pound woman,” Glenn says.

“This isn’t about right and wrong, this is about survival,” Lee agrees.

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DA rips Gavin Newsom for 'soft-on-crime policies' after thugs charged with murdering 68-year-old woman at posh shopping mall

Mon, 07/08/2024 - 13:46

The district attorney of Orange County, California, blasted far-left Gov. Gavin Newsom and state lawmakers for their "soft-on-crime policies" after a trio of thugs were charged murdering a 68-year-old woman at a posh mall in Newport Beach last week.

The DA's office said New Zealand tourist Patricia McKay and her husband were waiting for a ride after finishing shopping at the Fashion Island mall Tuesday when a white Toyota Camry pulled up next to the couple and two masked males jumped out and attacked McKay’s 69-year-old husband, putting a gun to his head and demanding his watch as they forced him to the ground as bystanders ran away.

'Our shopping centers and malls have become hunting grounds for criminals who are stalking innocent shoppers to rob them blind because our Governor and our Legislature refuse to hold anyone accountable for their actions.'

When the suspects — later identified as Malachi Darnell and Jaden Cunningham, both 18 — couldn't get his property, Cunningham is accused of throwing McKay to the ground, stealing her shopping bags, and dragging her into the street in front of the getaway car, which 26-year-old Leroy Ernest Joseph McCrary was driving, the DA's office said.

With McKay lying in front of the Camry, McKay’s husband jumped in front of the vehicle in an effort to stop his wife from being run over, but McCrary is accused of accelerating forward with Darnell in the vehicle, pushing McKay’s husband out of the way, and running over McKay and dragging her body 65 feet, the DA's office said.

While McCrary was dragging McKay under the car, Cunningham was running to try to catch up to the getaway car, the DA's office said, adding that a good Samaritan tried to stop Cunningham from getting back into the vehicle. Darnell is accused of shooting from the getaway car at the good Samaritan, the DA's office said, adding that McCrary is accused of slowing down to allow Cunningham to jump back into the getaway vehicle, after which McCrary drove away.

Cunningham was arrested after bailing out of the vehicle in Cypress, the DA's office said, adding that McCrary and Darnell were arrested in South Gate after a police pursuit; all three defendants were being held without bail.

Orange County DA Todd Spitzer did not hold back in his comments against Newsom and state lawmakers.

“Our shopping centers and malls have become hunting grounds for criminals who are stalking innocent shoppers to rob them blind because our Governor and our Legislature refuse to hold anyone accountable for their actions," he said in a Friday statement. "Actions have consequences, and it shouldn’t have to result in the death of an elderly woman just enjoying a day of shopping with her husband for our elected leaders in Sacramento to realize that this is the product of their soft-on-crime policies which encourage criminality while sacrificing public safety. This is Orange County, and we refuse to accept this is the new normal. Criminals will be held accountable and violence will never be acceptable.”

The DA's office said the three suspects are eligible for the death penalty if they are convicted of the special circumstances murder charges in the commission of a robbery with a felony enhancement for causing the death of an elder over the age of 65.

McCrary faces additional felony charges of attempted second-degree robbery and evading while driving recklessly, the DA's office said, adding that McCrary has prior felony convictions for residential burglary in 2018, criminal threats in 2020, and robbery in 2023, all in Los Angeles County.

Darnell has also been charged with second-degree attempted robbery, attempted murder, and felony enhancements of personal use of a firearm and personal discharge of a firearm, the DA's office said, adding that Cunningham also been charged with one felony count of attempted second-degree robbery.

You can view a video report about the incident here.

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Suicide Squad game marches on after $200M loss with new, DEI version of character Mrs. Freeze

Mon, 07/08/2024 - 13:15

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is pushing forward with a new depiction of a classic character.

The game was released in May 2024 by Rocksteady Studios, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Games, and was a $200 million disaster. The studio later said revenues for the entire parent company went from a reported $607 million in Q1 2023 down to just $184 million in Q1 2024, a 70% decrease.

However, the studio has seemingly taken zero cues from its audience.

Shortly after the game's freefall, Warner Bros. Games launched a leadership program for women and non-binary individuals aimed at making the video game industry less male. Announced by startup and tech community Built In, the Women and Non-Binary Leadership Program had the stated goal of upending the gaming industry's allegedly male-dominated characterization.

'They perceive femininity and female anatomy as threats to society.'

Weeks later, the Suicide Squad game is moving forward with Season 2, despite fewer than 500 people currently playing the game on the Steam platform, according to PC Gamer. These concurrent gaming stats are absolutely abysmal figures for a project of such a magnitude.

It seems at least one new character is ready for launch in the new season, and it is Mrs. Freeze — not Mr. Freeze — but his wife, whose character name is Nora Fries.

Mr. Freeze was typically portrayed as a bald man with varying degrees of scientist looks and was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1997's "Batman & Robin."

At the same time, there exist near limitless depictions of Mrs. Freeze as a classically beautiful blonde woman. The character was played by model Vendela Kirsebom in the aforementioned 1997 flick.

It seems the video game studio decided not to go with anything in the vicinity of the usual portrayal of Mrs. Freeze. In previous iterations, she was cryogenically frozen by Mr. Freeze in hopes of finding a cure for her illness. Now, she is seemingly portrayed as taking over her husband's role.

One gamer even took it as far as to describe the new character as looking like a "non-binary Karen they/them."

The same account, with over 20,000 followers, suggested the studios sees feminine attributes as a threat.

"I predicted this before the game's release, and the backlash was intense. They perceive femininity and female anatomy as threats to society."

The short-haired depiction is actually so far off that outlets have theorized it must be from an alternate/timeline or universe.

The character art follows the recent revelation from a video game artist that it is very difficult get studios to depict beautiful women in modern games.

Del Walker, an artist who has worked on Star Wars and Batman games, said that "after 10 iterations the concept or model comes back without a speck of the original beauty I pitched."

Walker added that it wasn't only the faces of the characters that have been changed but their entire likenesses, ages, and attitudes.

Gamers have pointed out the many examples of dampening beauty, such as Star Wars Outlaws character model Humberly González.

A recent remake of the classic Perfect Dark video game was also dragged for hardening the jawline of beloved hero Joanna Dark.

This appeared to be a similar instance with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, as the studio has seemed unwilling to depart from the diversity, equity, and inclusion parameters it set for itself during its production by involving diversity consulting company Sweet Baby Inc.

The game has faced significant backlash and calls for boycotts throughout its time on the market.

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Biden comes out against voter ID bill that prevents illegal immigrants from voting

Mon, 07/08/2024 - 12:35

President Joe Biden's administration officially came out to say officials do not support House Republicans' proposal to have a voter ID law for elections to prevent illegal immigrants from voting, as the border crisis has gone on for the entirety of Biden's presidency.

Introduced by Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas), the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility Act would require states to obtain proof of citizenship in person when registering an individual to vote and require states to remove anyone who is in the country illegally from existing voter rolls.

'This bill would do nothing to safeguard our elections.'

"Radical progressive Democrats ... are using open-border policies while also attacking election integrity laws to fundamentally remake America. That's why I am proud to introduce the SAVE Act with Speaker Johnson and my Republican colleagues, along with the invaluable support of citizens and organizations that recognize we must end the practice of non-citizens voting in our elections," Roy has said about the bill.

The Biden White House said the bill is not needed since there is already a law on the books disallowing non-citizens to vote and that requiring voter ID will hinder Americans from voting.

"The alleged justification for this bill is based on easily disproven falsehoods. ... This bill would do nothing to safeguard our elections, but it would make it much harder for all eligible Americans to register to vote and increase the risk that eligible voters are purged from voter rolls. The evidence is clear that the current laws to prevent noncitizen voting are working as intended — it is extraordinarily rare for noncitizens to break the law by voting in federal elections," the statement says.

The statement then blames House Republicans for not voting for the Senate bill that had some strict measures at the border but was also filled with items that would have codified into law some of the worst aspects of the border crisis.

"81% of Americans want ID verification to vote. It’s pretty straightforward. Democrats are assulating American Citizenship on a daily basis — elections, open borders, fiscal health, welfare to noncitizens. It’s time to stand up for AMERICANS and pass the SAVE Act," Roy posted on X.

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CRAZY: Scientists invent 'anti-gravity' device that could revolutionize transportation

Mon, 07/08/2024 - 12:30

A scientist by the name of Charles Buhler claims that he and a group of scientists and engineers have developed a device that defies the laws of physics in that it can propel itself without a propellant.

Buhler, who’s the co-founder of Exodus Propulsion Technologies and a NASA electrostatics expert, says that his team has been exploring “propellantless propulsion” for many years.

Their work, which began in 2016, has now culminated with the development of a device that has the potential to revolutionize transportation as we know it.

Scientists Create 'Anti-Gravity' Device That Could Revolutionize Transportation

“You've found a way now to possibly put rockets into space without it really being a rocket? What is it that is the propellant?” asks Glenn Beck in shock.

“That’s the nice thing about it. It doesn't use propellant,” says Buhler, adding that the device does “violate a lot of old classical laws, like the rocket equation.”

Using “new physics,” specifically the “19th-century E&M physics — electricity and magnetism,” Buhler’s team invented a device that could in theory “replace rockets.”

“About 90% of the rocket by mass and volume is just fuel. … If you get rid of all that, then you could theoretically start from Earth and go straight into space and then back and forth all over,” he tells Glenn.

“That is crazy!” exclaims Glenn, noting that such a contraption will “change everything.”

To find out how such a miraculous device is even possible, watch the clip above.

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'I find that funny': Actor David Duchovny purposely wrote a nude scene for himself because he's 63 years old

Mon, 07/08/2024 - 12:19

Actor and writer David Duchovny purposely included a nude scene for himself in a movie because he thought it would be funny to show off his aged body.

Duchovny wrote and directed "Reverse the Curse," a film about an ailing Boston Red Sox fan whose medical condition seemingly gets worse every time the baseball team loses. The film is based on the Curse of the Bambino, which refers to the 86-year championship drought for the Red Sox after they traded Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees.

The 63-year-old actor said that since aging is a process that everyone goes through, he felt it was necessary to show an aging nude body both to show the inevitability of life and because he thought it would be funny to show himself naked.

'I just think it's embarrassing to be naked in front of a lot of people.'

"You can turn it into humor. You can look at horrific things with a sense of humor, and the humor comes from the fact that it's going to happen to all of us," the New York native said. "It's not like some people age and some people don't, some people die and some people don't."

In the movie, Duchovny and actor Logan Marshall-Green are changing in the men's locker room. Per Variety, Duchovny's character asks his son, "Are you uptight [being] naked in front of your father?"

The camera then shows what is described as Duchovny's bare bottom half before he hugs his son.

"If I've got one of my main characters — me — showing his his naked body to his son and saying, 'It looks like a dead sparrow where my c*** should be,' I find that funny," Duchovny told Salon. "I think we can laugh at that and then hug it out. And he comments on his son's penis in a way that's funny. I'm laughing and I'm also moved in a way."

Interestingly, Duchovny actually expressed opposite feelings about appearing nude on screen in his late 40s.

"I just think it's embarrassing to be naked in front of a lot of people," he said in 2008. "I guess I'm a bit prudish in a way. I wish I wasn't — I wish I could let my freak flag fly a little more."

At the time, Duchovny was doing a press junket for "Californication," which ran from 2007 to 2014. While promoting the show, he said sex scenes in the series weren't to turn the audience on but to portray sex as "the ridiculous human behavior that it is."

"For me, theoretically, sex is ridiculous because you're driven to do it. Once a human being is out of control, it becomes funny. To me that's the essence of comedy — it's when you're driven to do something that you don't necessarily want to do."

The veteran actor has been using the mantra of trying to "fail better" since starting a podcast of the same name, saying he has been "stumbling blindly in the dark" in attempting to make good songs, be a singer, and more.

"It's all failure to me, because I'm just never going to be that good. You know, I'm never going to be a great player, because I started too late. I'm never going to be a great singer, because I just don't have the natural gift. But I'm still in there. And I'm trying to do something."

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Columbia U. removes three deans from posts over texts containing 'antisemitic tropes'

Mon, 07/08/2024 - 11:40

Columbia University removed three deans from their posts over texts they sent that "disturbingly touched on ancient antisemitic tropes" during a May forum about Jewish issues, the New York Times reported, citing a Monday letter school officials sent to the university community.

The Times said Columbia is still employing the deans, but the school placed them on indefinite leave, and the trio won't return to their previous jobs.

Kromm texted her colleagues two vomit emojis, the paper said.

Columbia President Nemat Shafik called the texts “unacceptable and deeply upsetting, conveying a lack of seriousness about the concerns and the experiences of members of our Jewish community," the paper said.

The Times said the announcement came about a month after the Washington Free Beacon published photos showing some of the text messages the deans sent.

The three Columbia administrators in question are Cristen Kromm, formerly dean of undergraduate student life; Matthew Patashnick, formerly associate dean for student and family support; and Susan Chang-Kim, formerly vice dean and chief administrative officer, the paper said, adding that they didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

The Times said Josef Sorett, dean of Columbia College, also took part in the text exchange, but university provost Angela V. Olinto said Sorett will remain in his position. “Dean Sorett and I will work together to mend relationships, repair trust, and rebuild accountability,” Olinto wrote, according to the paper.

Some Columbia alumni have called the incident "Textgate," the Times said.

More from the paper:

On May 31, in the aftermath of student protests and congressional hearings called to address antisemitism on college campuses, Columbia hosted during its reunion weekend a panel discussion called “Jewish Life on Campus: Past, Present and Future.” The panel’s speakers included Brian Cohen, the executive director of Columbia/Barnard Hillel, the Jewish students organization; and David Schizer, the former dean of the law school and a chair of the university’s antisemitism task force.

The three administrators and Dr. Sorett were in the audience, and a person sitting behind Ms. Chang-Kim photographed the text messages she was exchanging with her colleagues. The images were shared with The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative website, which published an article.

The Times said Patashnick texted that one panelist was “taking full advantage of this moment," which presented "huge fundraising potential."

The paper added that Kromm's texts referred to “Sounding the Alarm,” an Oct. 24 essay that campus rabbi Yonah Hain penned for the Columbia student newspaper. Hain wrote that campus groups saying they “stand in full solidarity with Palestinian resistance” following the deadly Oct. 7 attack on Israel represented the “community’s normalization of Hamas,” the Times reported, adding that Hain called it “a point-of-no-return moment at Columbia.”

Kromm texted her colleagues two vomit emojis, the paper said.

During the panel, Chang-Kim exchanged texts with Sorett, who replied “LMAO” — i.e., "laughing my ass off” — to Chang-Kim following what the Times called her "snarky remark" about Cohen.

The paper said the three administrators were put on leave in late June pending a university investigation.

The Times said in the wake of the removal of the three deans, Sorett wrote a letter to the Columbia community, saying he recognizes “that some of the texts suggest a seeming dismissiveness with regards to the impact that the global rise of antisemitism has had on Columbia’s campus" and that he's “dedicated to leading the College community to higher standards of professionalism, and to rebuilding trust.”

The paper noted that Sorett staying in his position likely will anger some alumni and community members, as more than 1,000 of them — including hedge fund investor Dan Loeb — signed a petition demanding his removal as dean.

The Times also reported that many alumni were angry over Sorett's weak apology in June, noting that when the texts came to light, he sent an email saying he has "already spoken to each person involved and we understand that, as leaders, we are held to a higher standard.” However, Sorett also called the photos of the text messages “an invasion of privacy," the paper added. About a week later, Sorett sent a second email saying that “I deeply regret my role in these text exchanges," the Times added.

What's more, Columbia also announced Monday that university students, faculty, and staff this fall will undergo required anti-discrimination training — and it will include a focus on anti-Semitism, the paper said.

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Blaze News investigates: Household items that you didn't know have been monitoring you for more than a decade

Mon, 07/08/2024 - 11:30

Unsuspecting household devices are capable of surveillance and data collection in some incredibly detailed ways.

Most tech users and phone owners know their phone is listening. They likely also know their data is being consumed by social media platforms and apps at an alarming rate. Many are okay with this fact based on the idea that it is most predominantly used for consumer marketing.

Sometimes, though, lawsuits are inevitable. Like Facebook's $725 million scandal where the data of approximately 87 million Americans was allegedly misused and shared with Cambridge Analytica.

In order for those lawsuits to come to fruition, however, people need to be aware their data and information is being taken. Unfortunately, clicking "agree" on that user license means blowing past some of the most disturbing facts.

Much of this information began surfacing in 2013-2014, when internet-connected TVs were first hitting the market, and it was around that time that journalists and tech gurus started pointing out the obvious: Your TVs could be collecting data. Much of this was brushed off until years later in 2017 when WikiLeaks revealed a packet of information called Vault 7.

'The functionality of the device is held hostage to your agreeing to the privacy contract.'

Smart TVs

Documents revealed at the time that not only were backdoors into Apple and Android phones purposely kept open to be used by the CIA and NSA but that smart TVs could be hacked and have a program installed that would provide a "Fake-Off Mode."

Particularly with a Samsung Smart TV, the program could be initiated by pressing the following combination while the TV was powered off: "Mute, 182, power."

This would leave the screen off to make it appear as if the TV was still powered down. Meanwhile, the TV set was secretly recording audio of the unsuspecting user. That audio was transferred through the internet to CIA computers once the TV was switched back on, and the Wi-Fi would go back to serving its primary purpose for the television owner.

It was also suggested that the TVs may be able to record short videos if they had a camera.

Despite the CIA exploits becoming revealed, the BBC's tech reporter Mark Ward said at the time that the intelligence agency would undoubtedly "have other unused attack tools stored and ready to deploy."

Tech researcher Josh Centers told Blaze News that smart TVs are "the worst perpetrators" of data collection.

"Ever wonder how TVs keep getting cheaper in the face of inflation? It's because manufacturers sell the TVs at cost or even a loss to slip these spies into your home. Be equally suspicious of any other internet-connected gadget that seems too good to be true."

"I've caught smart TVs that phone home as much as once per minute," Centers continued. "I recommend not connecting smart TVs to the internet at all. Instead, use a device like the Apple TV for your streaming needs. It's slightly less convenient but better for your privacy and your home internet speed."

Centers also recommended using internet routers or software that tracks your outbound data, categorized by device, and lets you see exactly how many connections your gadgets have in terms of data collection.

Home security cameras

It didn't take long for smart home security cameras, cell phones, and tablets to face exploitation. It was only 2015 when home security experts started revealing to the public exactly how easy it was to take control of a consumer's security system.

This manifested through open Wi-Fi networks, simple passwords, and old phone software. Hackers could gain access to a home network by simply running a program that would allow them to bust into a phone or tablet, gaining a live feed of the back or front-facing camera.

Furthermore, if a home security camera feed was insecure and running the default, out-of-the-package configuration, a hacker could use a simple program to guess the password in less than a minute.

"We've done a lot of research looking for these devices online. I found 540,000 of them running a default configuration," researcher James Lyne said in 2015.

Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff explained in a 2019 documentary that Google's home security system Nest has been busy at work extracting behavioral data and information from consumers.

"When you buy the security system and it has the piece of paper that you unfold and the schematic, or you go online to learn about it and there's a schematic, it does not show a microphone. Now, why would you have a microphone there? Well, remember what is our business?" she asked.

Voices, conversations, what is being watched on television, what music is being listened to, and even who is coming in and out of the owner's house, all is being recorded.

"Whether or not you're shouting at each other over the breakfast table, all of this has tremendous predictive value," Zuboff said. That information is being sold to other parties and sold again, with no telling what it's being used for.

Smart thermostats

Another intrusion method for hackers and overall data spies is through the advent of internet-connected thermostats.

This goes beyond a 2022 instance when 22,000 smart thermostat users lost control of their energy system during an "energy emergency."

Those homeowners knew — it is assumed — that this was a possibility when they enrolled in the program with their energy company in order to get a $100 credit at sign-up.

That connection to the online world is what acted as an entry point for hackers to exploit Target in 2013, gaining access to 40 million customers' debit and credit cards. By 2016, smart thermostats were being hacked, locked, and held for ransom.

Imagine receiving a note on your thermostat to send $1,000 or face an unbearable 100-degree household in the middle of summer.

Can this type of intrusion still happen? As exploits are constantly updated, so too is the security and functionality of said thermostat. If a user decides it no longer wants to keep sharing its data with the manufacturer, then the security updates may stop coming, as well.

This leaves the consumer in quite the conundrum; let your data be exploited in a controlled manner, become vulnerable to a household hack, or pay for an entirely new HVAC system.

"If you don't want us to take your data and you don't want us to send it on to third parties that's ok," the aforementioned Zuboff detailed.

"[Just] be aware that without your data we will stop supporting the functionality of your thermostat. We will stop upgrading the software, be aware that the smoke detector may no longer work. Be aware that the pipes in your home may freeze. So now the functionality of the device is held hostage to your agreeing to the privacy contract."

'When parents asked Amazon to delete their kids' Alexa voice data, the company did not delete all of it.'

Xbox Kinect

One of the scariest monitoring capabilities dates back to 2010 with the video peripheral Xbox Kinect, which was eventually discontinued in 2017 and generally stopped being used for games around 2022.

This seemingly primitive technology would make way to the PlayStation Move and VR systems and Window's Mixed Reality technology. Going back in time to see what the original tech was capable of is certainly eye opening, however. Coming off a predecessor that wasn't much more than a web camera with a microphone (Xbox Live Vision), the Kinect system provided a significant step forward that made 3D mapping and infrared scanning a reality.

The truth of what the Kinect was really capable of was revealed by the simple trick of taking one of the camera filters off. Showcased in many home videos, removing the infrared filter showed the series of dots on the infrared laser grid that the Kinect was creating to determine the depth and size of everything in its view. That being every item in the user's living room.

Watching a child play a game with this filter off was even more troubling.

Those capabilities meant that the Kinect could be adapted to provide simple 3D scanning for art and, perhaps more intrusively, the Kinect could be turned into an infrared camera.

Ring doorbell cameras

From troubling to downright disturbing, Amazon and its Ring doorbell camera company has been accused of some sinister acts.

In 2023, Amazon agreed to pay $25 million in a civil penalty, along with another $5.8 million for allegedly breaching customer privacy.

The giant corporation was accused by the FTC of "misleading parents" and keeping the recordings of children indefinitely, even though parents had requested the deletion of the data.

Why was Amazon keeping recordings of children's voices? They said it was to refine its voice recognition algorithm, which powers the Alexa voice assistant software.

The FTC also said that in addition to Amazon holding on to the child-voice data, its subsidiary Ring company allowed consumers' private videos to be accessed by employees and contractors. This allegedly enabled hackers to take control of some user accounts.

"Amazon's history of misleading parents, keeping children's recordings indefinitely, and flouting parents’ deletion requests violated COPPA (the Child Online Privacy Protection Act) and sacrificed privacy for profits," said FTC consumer protection chief Samuel Levine.

"When parents asked Amazon to delete their kids' Alexa voice data, the company did not delete all of it," added FTC Commissioner Alvaro Bedoya.

It should go without saying that outsourcing your home doorbell video to a third party opens up a world of frightening opportunities.

Hacking your health

Taking the term "honorable mention" in a dark direction, it's been at least 12 years since it was revealed that pacemakers and insulin pumps were vulnerable to hacks and assassinations.

In 2011, it became known that a hacker could gain access to a diabetic from 300 feet away and order a fatal dose of insulin. In 2012, a man named Barnaby Jack announced he could hack pacemakers and implanted defibrillators to kill a person.

"These are computers that are just as exploitable as your PC or Mac, but they're not looked at as often," Jack said at the time. "When you actually look at these devices, the security vulnerabilities are quite shocking."

By 2016, the possible distance for an insulin hack was reportedly increased to over 2,500 feet.

Showing the often massive lag behind what is publicly and privately known, the FDA finally admitted in 2017 that St. Jude's cardiac devices could be hacked. This came after St. Jude's initially denied the claim in 2016, a full five years after the information was generally known.

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Biden administration releases report detailing extent of its LGBT imperialism abroad

Mon, 07/08/2024 - 11:25

The U.S. State Department is leading an international scheme at President Joe Biden's behest to leverage America's resources and reputation abroad to support LGBT activism, the acceptance of gender ideology, and the normalization of non-straight lifestyles. A recent report has revealed some of what goes into establishing an LGBT-affirming monoculture worldwide.

Former President Barack Obama issued a memorandum in late 2011 directing "all agencies engaged abroad to ensure that U.S. diplomacy and foreign assistance promote and protect the human rights of LGBT persons."

The memo went beyond having American agencies throw American weight around to curb perceived discrimination against non-straight foreigners but also to advance the LGBT agenda more broadly.

Shortly after taking office, President Joe Biden issued a juiced-up version of the memorandum, indicating it "shall be the policy of the United States to pursue an end to violence and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or sex characteristics, and to lead by the power of our example in the cause of advancing the human rights of LGBTQI+ persons around the world."

The State Department's new "progress" report on the implementation of Biden's directive indicated that the agency has helped bankroll various LGBT activist organizations through the Global Equality Fund — a "public-private partnership" it manages with the support of a coalition of other countries and organizations. Through the GEF, the State Department has supported activist groups in African nations whose lawmakers were drafting or passing legislation supposedly criminalizing non-straight status or conduct.

According to the document, the State-run GEF has "supported 116 LGBTQI+ organizations in 73 countries with grants ranging from $8,000 to $25,000, and cumulatively total more than $3,200,000 over the last five years."

Meanwhile, the U.S. Agency for International Development has dumped over $7 million into activities at its missions that "integrate LGBTQI+ equities across a range of development sectors."

The apparent aim of such monetary support from Biden agencies is to pave the way to fuller LGBT acceptance. However, to shape the legal landscape, the administration has not just injected money but threatened to take it away.

Uganda, for instance, passed the Anti-Homosexuality Act last year, imposing sentences of up to life in imprisonment for gay sex and the death penalty for gay sex with a minor or a mentally compromised senior. Uganda's law also criminalized the promotion of homosexuality.

'We have emphasized the importance of ensuring broad access to evidence-based LGBTQI+-affirming care.'

According to the report, the U.S. has found numerous ways to punish Uganda for keeping the law on the books. Uganda has lost eligibility for African Growth and Opportunity Act benefits — duty-free access to the American market for various products — and has been denied significant government-to-government support. In addition to the Biden administration concern-mongering about doing business in Uganda, the Treasury Department has supported a pause in new public lending to the dissenting African nation's government.

The report all but admitted that Uganda has been slapped around as an example to other countries considering similar policies.

While punishing dissenting national elements of the global south, the Biden administration has also worked with apparently like-minded developed nations to fight policies thought regressive. To this end, the State Department's special envoy to advance the human rights of so-called LGBTQI+ persons apparently "convened senior officials from various countries for rapid coordination in response to proposed anti-LGBTQI+ legislation."

In addition to working to void legislative resistance to LGBT activism universally, the Biden administration has leaned on governments to kill the practice of "conversion therapy" practices globally, having "engaged governments to encourage them to stop sponsoring, funding, and/or otherwise supporting CTP."

Conversion therapy is the promotion of straight lifestyles among homosexuals or the provision of reality-affirming remedies to persons with gender dysphoria.

The Biden administration is warring against such efforts but appears altogether keen to support international efforts to ensure that vulnerable persons can undergo activist-approved conversion therapies into mutilated simulations of the opposite sex.

"We have emphasized the importance of ensuring broad access to evidence-based LGBTQI+-affirming care and have highlighted evidence-based resources for families to expand supportive and affirming behaviors with LGBTQ+ youth," said the report.

The report indicated further that the Department of Homeland Security, another executor of Biden's scheme, has enabled refugee and asylum seekers to identify as whatever gender they please on U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services forms "without the need to provide supporting documentation or to match the gender listed on their identity document."

Apparently, the ability for prospective asylum-seekers to conceal their real sex "helps ensure safety and security both in the United States and abroad."

While much of this scheme is outward-facing, some agencies are also ensuring conformity among their own ranks.

USAID, for instance, is reportedly developing a "LGBTQI+ Inclusive Develop E-module" for a training program its workforce will be required to complete.

The State Department emphasized in a release coinciding with the report's release, "Promoting and protecting the human rights of LGBTQI+ persons is a U.S. foreign policy priority."

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Marco Rubio corners CNN host with historical fact that upends popular leftist narrative about Trump: 'He didn't do it then'

Mon, 07/08/2024 - 11:10

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) used history on Sunday to upend a popular liberal talking point used to incite fear about Donald Trump's potential return to the White House.

For nearly a decade now, Democrats and media activists have claimed that Trump is a fascist and authoritarian who will unconstitutionally seize dictatorial-level power if elected president and bring an end to American democracy.

'He will be too busy undoing all the damage of this disastrous presidency.'

On CNN's "State of the Union," host Dana Bash asked Rubio if the Supreme Court's ruling on presidential immunity makes him "comfortable," suggesting it empowers the president beyond what the Constitution says. Rubio, in response, provided the context for the court's ruling: It only became necessary when the Justice Department was weaponized to target Trump.

The senator's observation prompted Bash to jump to Biden's defense.

"Donald Trump has said that he would go after Joe Biden, that he would go after members of the Biden family. That's never something that we have heard Joe Biden say," Bash claimed.

"Donald Trump has said that — no, he hasn't," Rubio fired back. "I watched the debate ... and he was asked, and he said, 'My vengeance will be winning and restoring America — making America great again. ... He has repeatedly said that his revenge will be to make America great again, to undo all [of the Biden administration's] bad public policies."

That's when Rubio pointed out a historical fact that undermines the argument that Trump will become a fascist dictator.

"By the way, he was president for four years. He didn't go after Hillary Clinton. He didn't go after Joe Biden. He didn't go after Barack Obama. He didn't go after any of their consultants," Rubio explained.

"We didn't see under him what we're seeing now," he added.

Bash, however, ignored that fact. Instead, she followed up by asking Rubio essentially to promise that Trump will not "go after any Democrats, any of his political opponents."

"Yes, he was president before, and he didn't do it then. He's already said that he wouldn't do that," Rubio answered. "He will be too busy undoing all the damage of this disastrous presidency."

Earlier in the interview, Rubio noted that not a single prominent Democrat "was chased around, persecuted, prosecuted" when Trump was president from 2017–2021.

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The unknown Revolutionary War HERO who sacrificed everything

Mon, 07/08/2024 - 11:00

The American Revolution was led by many men with names we know by heart — Adams, Revere, Hancock, and Washington — to name a few.

But there’s a lesser known name who’s received little to no time in the limelight in the history books: Dr. Joseph Warren of Massachusetts.

“It’s very interesting,” Mark Levin says. “In New England, early on when the war broke out, before 1776, Dr. Joseph Warren was known better than George Washington.”

During the Battle of Bunker Hill, there was a problem that Warren, a leader of the Revolutionary movement in Boston, helped solve.

The colonists were short on gunpowder, so Warren and a few others put together and signed a letter addressed to the Congress of New York asking for help.

“You read that, and you look at that, and you really think about the men who wrote it and signed it, who put everything on the line, everything they had, including their lives,” Levin says, admiring their sacrifice.

When the Patriots ended up running out of gunpowder during this battle, some of them stood firm at the front line while others were ordered to retreat for another day.

“Dr. Warren insisted on staying on the front line. He was a wanted man, they knew who he was,” Levin explains. “The Americans are overwhelmed, they fight hand to hand combat, and one of the higher ranking British officers, as they were charging up the last time, saw Joseph Warren, aimed his pistol at him in nearly point blank range, shot him between the eyes.”

“And so as not to make a martyr out of Dr. Joseph Warren, they would cut him up into pieces, they would burn what was left of him,” he adds, noting that the British forces also urinated on his remains.

The American forces were able to determine that Warren was one of the dead as in his teeth he had some easily identifiable iron, which was made by Paul Revere, who was a metalsmith.

“I tell you that as a personal example, not personal to me, but a specific example, of what took place,” Levin says.

Want more from Mark Levin?

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10% of illegal aliens admit they're registered to vote: Heritage Foundation survey

Mon, 07/08/2024 - 10:50

A survey conducted by the Heritage Foundation's Oversight Project found that 10% of illegal aliens and non-citizens stated that they are registered to vote in the upcoming election.

In a video posted to X on July 4, Mike Howell, the Oversight Project's executive director, stated, "My fellow Americans, today we are calling on all of you to declare independence from foreigners deciding our elections. The evidence you are about to see relates to illegal aliens being registered to vote. This is a problem national in scale. The United States of America is for Americans, and our elections only should be decided by them."

'If this proportion holds true nationwide, the integrity of the 2024 election is in jeopardy.' reported that it interviewed dozens of individuals residing at a Charlotte, North Carolina, apartment complex primarily occupied by illegal aliens. A hidden camera captured several interviews with residents who claimed to be non-citizens who had also registered to vote.

"We come with a group, an organization that is trying to help register Hispanic people to vote. Because in a few months we will be voting for governor or president," the interviewees were told.

Anthony Rubin, the founder of Muckraker, explained, "We visited the apartment complex to ask residents two questions: Are you registered to vote; and are you a citizen?"

"Shockingly, four of the 41 people we asked confirmed that they were a non-citizen and registered to vote," Rubin continued. "If this proportion holds true nationwide, the integrity of the 2024 election is in jeopardy."

During an interview on Real America's Voice's "The War Room," Howell stated, "The borders have been wide open. We've been told by the left and the mainstream media that poses no threat to the integrity of our election systems. We've been told that it's a conspiracy theory."

"And so, what we did," Howell continued, "is simply went out and asked in an apartment complex in North Carolina. And discovered that illegal aliens, or non-citizens — wherever they are in the process — admitted to being registered to vote at a proportion that is four out of 40, which is 10%. If that pattern holds, with the 10 million plus that have come across the border, you do the math for an election last go-around that came down to 40,000 votes in a few key swing states. The plan from this Biden administration is to refuse a peaceful transition of power by relying on illegal aliens to vote for them, and that's clear as day."

Howell noted that a report containing the survey's findings was sent to the state's governor and attorney general.

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Poll reveals most Republicans want to see Sen. Tim Scott as Trump's running mate

Mon, 07/08/2024 - 10:35

A recent poll indicated that Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) made the top of the list as a potential vice president pick for Donald Trump. The poll was conducted by the Daily Mail. Others who made the top of the list included North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), and Senator J.D. Vance (R-Ohio).

The Republican Party convention is set to take place next week, and Trump could announce his pick in the next few days, per the report. The development comes as President Joe Biden is struggling to gain the confidence of many Democrats who are not convinced he is capable of leading the country for another four years.

The Daily Mail reported that it polled 1,000 likely voters, with 13% of those who took part saying that they want to see Scott nominated as the potential vice president. Rubio came in close behind in the second position, with 12% of the vote. Ben Carson, who served in Trump's Cabinet during his first term as president, also raked in 12% of the vote.

Despite Vance winning the favor of many of Trump's supporters, he only garnered 4% of the vote for the vice president position. While rumors and speculations continue to swirl around, Trump said at the end of June that he had already made his decision for vice president.

However, Trump's pick was never revealed during the first presidential debate. It appears that Trump's team wanted to keep the focus on Biden's poor performance, which has motivated many Democrats to urge the president to step down from his position. But Biden has insisted that he intends to stay in the race.

Blaze News reported that Biden released a statement on Monday, saying that "I have heard the concerns that people have — their good-faith fears and worries about what is at stake. I also know these concerns come from a place of real respect for my lifetime of public service and my record as President, and I have been moved by the expressions of affection for me from so many who have known me well and supported me over the course of my public life."

"I can respond to all this by saying clearly and unequivocally: I wouldn't be running again if I did not absolutely believe I was the best person to beat Donald Trump in 2024."

Since the first presidential debate, Trump appears to have widened his marginal lead over the president.

It is unclear whether Trump's team has a specific time at which to reveal his vice presidential pick.


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